Modern day city in AmericaDemitri Givigan

Has the ability of "super sight"

a character in “Hidden Talents”, as played by TravlersTails

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Name: Demitri Givigan
Nick Name/ Code Name: Dem
Faction: Advance Recruitment Squad (ARS)
Age: 26
Description (image and/or words): Tall, dark long hair, pulled back at the nape of his neck, bright green eyes and pale skin
Personality: Rather dark and distain personality, and very negitive. People tend to not like him at first glance, but once you get used to him he can be a bit warmer to be around
Talent/ Power: To see at great distances
Strengths: Accuracy at shooting (such as crossbow)
Weaknesses: Bitter and secreatly very sensitive, bright colors
Likes: cats, some people, writing, math, and shooting things
Dislikes: lots of people, loud noises, bright colors (messes up his eyes)
Fears: Bright colors, big dogs, and the dark (since he can't see)
Personal History:
Demitri had serval names and serval families, constantly was shipped around from different families. He scared his parents sometimes with his strange abilities, causing him to be sent back and wait for a new set of parents. He finally was drafted as one ofAdvance Recruitment Squad and is still trying to understand the meaning of his abilities.

So begins...

Demitri Givigan's Story