Hitman RebornTakeshi Kimura

Vongola XII- Sky Guardian

a character in “Hitman Reborn: Vongola XII”, as played by xCrossX21

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Name: Takeshi Kimura
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Role: Sky Guardian
Ability: -He can fly with the flames
-Zero Point Breakthrough (Havent Learned)
-Zero Point Breakthrough Custom (Havent Learned)
-X-Burner (Have not yet Learned)
[will be adding more as the rp goes on.]
Weapon: The gloves, but his glove has XII on it instead.
Personality: Takeshi usually has a laid back personality. He's caring towards the ones who's close to him, and is opened minded. He enjoys being around others, and meeting new people. When he's just chilling out, and relaxing, Takeshi would crack some jokes, or just fool around with his friends. However, when he goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode, he'll turn serious. He wont just jump into action without thinking, and remains calm in most situations. Takeshi is a fast learner, and understands a situation rather quickly.
Extra Description: He stands to be 5'10 with a mix of brown and yellow hair. His eyes are normally silver with a hint of blue, but in his Hyper Dying Will Mode, it turns orange, like that of a flame. Takeshi likes to wear anything comfortable so you often see him wearing hoodies, simple t-shirts, sneakers, etc..
Box Weapons: [will edit]

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