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Hogwarts: A Dark New Age » Places

Places in Hogwarts: A Dark New Age

This is a list of locations that can be found in Hogwarts: A Dark New Age.

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Castiella Monroe
Hufflepuff | Werewolf x|x#a82b02

Ever since they first sat back down at the table, Cas could feel the look from Lex. That damned, upset, disapproving look. Cas didn’t know why whenever they tried to come to their friends’ aid, whenever it was Shane starting shit, Lex seemed to have an issue with it. If anything, she should have been worried about her friends, even if Shane was someone one of Lex’s friends. Which, Castiella still didn’t understand why. He was a pain in everyone’s ass, and for whatever reason, Lex seemed to be able to blissfully look past it. Something that didn’t sit right with them. But, Cas chose to ignore it the best they could, and just shrugged it off. They were only being as irritable as they were due to the full-moon anyway, at least it’s what they were using as an excuse. Not that they were even feeling well to begin with. Not that it was a valid excuse. But whenever a full-moon came around, well, they felt off. Even looked paler and more sickly than they normally did. Which, they just passed off as well, monthly situations, that only a few people truly understood even what Cas really meant by that statement. Shrugging it off.

Cas was content with the topic going to the tournament like they intended, they didn’t want to focus on that damned dance any more than they had to. They’d probably just hole up in the dorm-room or go off and do who knows what, seeing as it would be a full-moon that night as well. Which only caused their brows to furrow together as they became trapped deep in thought. Even if by the off chance of them getting put into the tournament, they’d have to somehow manage to avoid anything that involved full-moons. The last thing they’d need is to not only expose themselves for the affliction they had anyway, but turning into a werewolf around others would be anything less than ideal. Besides, they’d be putting more lives at risk, and that would be something they’d try to avoid at all costs. It was essentially a mess.

Cas didn’t know when it happened, but they had absentmindedly let one of the paper origami otters jump into the palm of their hands, and instinctively pet it and stroked the edges of the paper. The paper copy of the animal silently nuzzled into the touch of the hands that held it, as it was relatively sentient enough to act on its own, like most magically manipulated objects did.

There weren’t many things that upset them, or bothered them really, but the list was small but solid. And some of the topics being thrown around wasn’t making them feel any less uneasy. Hell, if all else failed and they needed a ‘date’ to the stupid dance, they had some possible ideas, but none of them were truly ideal in their mind. Not who they’d truly want to go with anyway. God were they stupid. Cas found themselves shaking their head as they got out of that mindset, they didn’t need to bring themselves down or feel shitty for themselves now.
They did it enough as is. Cas just barely caught the last few people who confirmed they entered the tournament. Gently placing down the small paper creature back onto the table as it flopped about and scurried off with its friends.

“Well, regardless of who gets put in there...Try not to die, right?” they forced out a chuckle, looking down at their watch, “Alright, we should probably start getting ready to go. Potions in five.” Cas gave a soft nod before they began to stand up, and make their way over to the staff table for a moment, eyes landing on Trevor Sprout, the Herbology professor. The young professor smiled as he saw Cas make their way up to him. “Good morning, Castiella.” he said with a smile that met his eyes. “Good morning, Professor.” they said with a small smile that lasted only a moment, before they began to fidget with their hands.

Trevor licked his lips for a moment as he understood exactly why Cas had come up to him, digging casually in his jacket’s inner pocket. The two casually looked around and made sure no one was staring or thought it odd of them to be talking, which it wasn’t. People knew that these two were rather close, and wishing each other a small good morning was never out of the ordinary. It was an usual daily routine at this point, so nothing could be suspected.

The professor took another moment before he outstretched his hand, for a seemingly innocent enough handshake, and Cas purposefully wrapped his hand with theirs, completing the simple handshake before pulling away and stuffing their hands into their robes’ pockets. “I hope you’re doing well, Cas.” he said with a small wink. Cas gave him a small nod, “Always, Professor. I hope your day goes well. I’ll see you later for class.” they both shared a small nod, and knowingly look before they parted ways with a small wave as Cas broke away and went back to the group of Hufflepuff students. Feeling the small vile in their pocket, clasping it casually in their hand. They could take it later, all that mattered was that they took it before the moon rose, they’d be fine. Cas gave the others a small smile and Lex a short but knowing look,
“Ready to go?” they asked with a small nod as they gestured for the door as students began filing out of the Great Hall and for their respective classes. For them, it was Potions. Lovely.


Classes felt like they couldn't pass soon enough, for students or teachers as everyone knew what they all were waiting for. The announcement that would take place later that day, for who would be going into the tournament this year. Bets had been placed, jokes had been made, and whispers were spread around classes as students eagerly awaited. With Potions having been the first class for many of the 6th and 7th year students, well, to say things went by smoothly for poor professor Arthur Talbot. From a few beakers and potions exploding among all the tables, (whether they were sabotaged by Slytherin or Gryfindor, or simple mishaps could have been anyone's guess), or the constant whispering among some friends throughout the Houses. To say Arthur had his hands full throughout the first and second period of the day could only be the understatement of the century. But the class came and went, with more students pouring in after the first set of students left.

The next few classes passed by rather swiftly, but that wasn't to say any of the students made any of the teacher's jobs easy. They never did. It was only as the day went on, and eventually came of the more anticipated events for that day, the announcements. Next of course would be the Quidditch games that evening but, first the students would be finding out who was being put into such an anticipated event, and who to cheer for and so on. As classes finally came to an end, the students were all filed into the Great Hall once more, filing into their respective seating by their House benches and tables. Awaiting feverishly as silence fell throughout the room.

Soft footsteps echoed as a figure walked from the main entrance of the room, and slowly made their way up to the front of the Great Hall, taking post at the small podium at the front of the small incline infront of the teacher's table. Which was filled with all the staff, who were clearly just as eager to find out who was chosen. The figure finally spoke as the woman's face lit up with sheer enjoyment, "Welcome, students and teachers of Hogwarts."" Headmistress Minerva McGonagall spoke, her voice easily heard throughout the room. Her eyes scanned the room for a moment before she continued, "This year, we welcome you all to the traditional announcement ceremony, where we find out who will be put into this year's Tournament." her voice boomed further.

"This year, is a special one indeed. As we will have a special event coordinator with us. He's come a long way from Germany just to help with the events as he does every five years."" McGonagall said as he stepped aside, motioning with her hands as another figure rose to his feet from the table and met by the Headmistress' side. "Sir Damien Steele." she introduced the man as a roaring applause from both students and teachers filled the Great Hall, "As many of you know. He is a former Ravenclaw of Hogwarts, and former Quidditch player. Who has been so gracious to join us for our Tournaments." Damien gave a somewhat bashful smile as he raised his hand in protest, "Oh goodness. You flatter me, Minerva." Damien mused as he gave her a cheerful smile, before turning to the students. Taking place at the small podium. "It always brings me great pleasure and excitement whenever I return to my old school grounds, in coordinating such an event as this one. I've seen many students bring great honor to their House, and I expect nothing less from you all this year. For I feel like this one will be rather unforgettable-" his eyes glanced around the room at at the students, certain faces standing out to him in particular, who he quickly composed himself once more as he went on. "-As we have many talented students in each House, I know you'll do your friends proud." Damien gave a large grin on his face.

"-But, the most important thing about this Tournament? Is for those who enter, will be going against each other in tasks and challenges, all for one particular thing-"" Damien turned around and removed a silk covering, to expose a large cup. The one that students had only ever heard of, or seen once in their life if they were in their fifth, sixth, or seventh year by now. "Let's find out who has the chance to compete for this, shall we?""

A large, rough wooden goblet which was alight with blue flames appeared at the center of the room as the lights overhead seemed to dim, but didn't fully go out. The room was cast in a hellish, blue glow as Damien Steele stepped forward towards the Goblet, dancing his fingers across the old artifact for a moment. "The Goblet of Fire will decide who is meant to take part in the tasks that will unfold."" he began, looking around the room for a moment, "When your name is called, you are to come forward and join your fellow Champions. Each house will be split into Three teams, made of two. After all Champions are called forward, you may choose your teammate and we will officially begin within a month from today." the room fell silent for a moment, before six slips of paper came from the Goblet until, they flittered into Damien's hand. He took a moment to read the names.

"Your six Champions for the House of Gryffindor are...McKenna James, Harvey Gibson, Quinn Howards, Shane Montgomery, Cassie Lightborn, and Logan Pierce!" he shouted, as a mix of applause and cheers rang throughout the room as the Champions rose to their feet and made their way to the front of the Great Hall. Standing from shoulder to shoulder as the cheering eventually came to an end. Damien grinned before turning to the Gryffindors, "Welcome to the Tournament, Gryffindors. May you bring your house the Pride you Lions are so very known for." he grinned.

Within moments, more paper slips came shooting out of the Goblet, Damien catching them as he did before. Taking a moment to read them before speaking aloud, "Your six next Champions, for House Slytherin are...Jessie Carter, Stirling Patterson, Rosemary Doe, Eden Thomas, Linnea Blomqvist, and Danica Roche!" Damien called once more. The same cheering and applause thundered throughout the room once more as the Champions all rose to their feet and made their way up to the others. "Welcome to the Tournament, Slytherins. May you too bring your house the Pride that your house is all too known for." Steele grinned cheekily as the students in question.

Another few short moments passed, before more paper shot out, once more reading them off. A grin formed over his face, "Well...Ain't that something..." Damien mused to himself, before clearing his throat. "Your Champions, for Hufflpuff are...Roan Everette, Castiella Monroe, Kai Embrey, Edward Taylors, Elise Dunchamp, and Alexis Halliwell!" Damien shouted. Cheering and applause filled the room once more as the Students chosen rose to their feet, as well as Cas having to help Lex stumble up to the front of the room, standing along the chosen students. Damien chuckled at the display for a moment, "Well, welcome to the Tournament, Hufflepuffs. I'm certain you shall bring Pride to your House this year as well, you Badgers always seem to make an impression amongst the Tournament." he couldn't help but genuinely chuckle.

"And lastly, the last six Champions, for House Ravenclaw!" Damien shouted, slips of paper bursting through from the Goblet. He took a moment to read them over once more, "Crispin Finlay, Kiara Wright, Tarra Anderson, Maggie Monroe, Victoria Jamison, and Archibald Korren!" Damien announced, cheering and applause filled the air once more as the names were called. But Damien took note how this applause and cheering, seemed a bit too forced and exaggerated compared to some of the other houses. Which, he honestly found amusing for just a moment.

"Ah yes, my own former House. I'm sure you will bring the Pride our House is known for, yes?" he mused, which he couldn't help but overhear some slight laughing and chuckling from some of the students. Damien grinned before turning around to the rest of the room and students. "And there we have it, folks. Our chosen Champions for this year's Tournament. We'll see in just one month's time to see how well they all live up to their House' names, as well as show us what they all got." he mused once more, wringing his hands together infront of himself for a moment. "May you all celebrate and find who you'll be teaming up with, then speak with your House representatives later today to let them know and they'll inform me later. I wish you the best of luck, as well with the game's later today. I'll be cheering you all on in the Quidditch matches later today. Until then, enjoy yourselves students." Damien Steele announced, giving a small bow of his head as one more round of applause filled the air as he returned to his seat.

The Headmistress took her spot back at the podium once more as she had one more announcement, "Well, welcome to the official start of the Tournament, Champions and the rest of the House Students. I wish you all the best of luck with your preperations, and do not be shy to ask any of the other event coordinators that will be coming in within the next few weeks as we prepare for the challenges that will await you. As well as your last minute preperations for the Valentine's Day Ball, which is steadily approaching." and with that, the room filled to life once more as students from all sides talked aloud as they congradulated their friends who had gotten into the Tournament, or lamented that they hadn't been accepted into the Tournament.

Welcome home, Witches and Wizards.