Avia Calypso Errenhall

"My initials spell 'ACE'. Cool, huh?"

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a character in “Hogwarts: Nineteen Years Later”, as played by ReaperGirl4


Name (first & last): Avia Calypso Errenhall
Grade (1st-7th): 7th
Muggle born/half blood / pure blood
House: Slytherin
Appearance and personality: Image
Avia is a tough girl in her own right. She picks fights a lot, and loves to win. She has effective persuasive powers, and finds that she makes friends and allies easily. However, her brash attitude gains her enemies just as quickly. She has quite a sharp tongue and can be quite intimidating when she wants to be.



So begins...

Avia Calypso Errenhall's Story

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Avia couldn’t help but laugh a bit. This little girl that had gotten on ahead of Avia and her sister looked rather peeved. Angry little kids often made Avia laugh, for some reason. Upon further inspection, she reasoned that the little girl was a first year, or so she thought. The same year as Malice. She gave a half-smile. Malice was no where near as desperate to be alone as that little girl. Avia looked down at her little sister. Her small index finger was in her tiny mouth. Although her name means evil, the little girl was actually quite a sweetie. Avia gripped her sister’s hand firmly and gently pushed past another girl, older than Malice but younger than Avia. When they reached the back of the car, they sat facing forward, Avia with the window seat.

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Albus shaked her hand and waved his hair back."Yeah,im the son of Harry Potter and you know the other stuff about the headmaster is all true".Albus looked under his seat and found a 30.1 New copy of the Daily Prophet as he read the headliner"Another Riddle At Hogs".Albus tried to fix his head in on what it had said as he folded the paper up and put it back under the desk as he sighed and finished eating on his beans as his face turned sour."Oh no,grumballs flavored it's the worst kind,of all these things they make this is the worst".Albus looked around the room as he smiled at the sisters.He pulled out a cloak as he put it around him and it made half his body dissapear."It's an invisibilty cloak,do you wanna try it on ?".

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Malice stared with her large brown eyes at Dioda with an odd curiousity as she walked away. Something was odd about the girl. Malice was curious about her. She was slightly scared about what she had said about the Potters, what with being Voldemort's daughter and all. However, she was intensely interesed, for reasons unbeknownst to her. She found that she wanted to know more about this girl, Dioda. She seemed like an interesting enough person...

Avia tapped her little sister's shoulder. "Look Mally, there's Hogwarts!" Avia looked at the marvelous campus, memories reemerging. She loved the insitution so. And she had no doubts that Malice would enjoy it as well. Avia continued to gaze out the window, smiling. She addressed her sister again, "Mally, you'll most certainly get into Slytherin. I can tell." Avia looked back at her sister, still smiling warmly. Malice fixed her large eyes on her sister's face. "Positive?" she asked. Her older sister laughed and put her arm around Malice. "Positive."

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The boat ride had been uninteresting. Avia helped her younger sister out of the boat, and Avia and Malice joined the other students in the hall. Avia patted her sister on the head. "Be right back, got to go change," she murmered. "Go over there with the other first years." She pointed her in the right direction, and then left. Malice looked about, slightly scared, but trying hard not to show it. She lined up with the other first years. Malice giggled when the magical hat sung its little ditty. She fiddled with her sleeve while she waited for what seemed like an eternity for her name to be called.

Avia returned, dressed in the appropriate colors, and sat at the Slytherin table. She waved to her sister, who was obviously nervous. Avia gave her a thumbs up. She covered her mouth with one hand when her sister's name was called.

Malice almost jumped when she heard her name. She shivered once, rose, and walked over to the seat. She trembled as she sat down and the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. Despite the fact that she had heard it sing, she jumped a bit when it spoke. "Now then who have we here? Ah, Malice Ithica Errenhall. Yes yes, I remember your sister, Avia yes? It's been quite a while. Anywho, down to business... I see you're quite the shy girl, pureblood too, but... what's this? I see that you have a hidden side to yourself, I doubt if even you have discovered this yet. I see that you are quite a resourceful young lady. And rather cunning, too, believe it or not. But one warning: don't trust too many people. Now then, I believe you can go sit with your sister at the table of SLYTHERIN!"

Malice paled. She knew she should be happy. She was surprised and a look of hurt displayed across her face as she found some students booing. What was so bad about Slytherin? She walked shakily over to the Slytherin table. There were no open seats near her sister, but Avia gave her a big hug as she passed. She sat on the far end, and gazed about the hall, wondering what the hat had meant. She wasn't cunning. She was the opposite. What had it meant? The questions filled her mind as her gaze finally settled on her hands, which she'd folded in her lap.