Hokuto No Ken: Shinseiki Kyuuseishu

Hokuto No Ken: Shinseiki Kyuuseishu

In a World after nuclear devestation, Ruled By Chaos, Where Sorrow And Madness is rampant, and Love is lost, Only One Weapon Is Dominant in these Crazy Times: Your Fists! Fight for Love, Or Fight For Power! the choice is yours!

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(Wiki Fist Of the North Star if you need help understanding.)
Welcome to Fist Of The North Star: New Century Savior!

Character Skeleton:



Class: (Hokuto, Nanto, Gento, Survivor, Outlaw, And Custom Style. Must PM me for permission on Custom Styles. Info on the named styles are below after the plot)
Fighting Style: (If Any)
Weapons: (If Any)
Items (If Any)

History: (Get Creative, and original here. You are not a Dinosaur that practices all styles and can seduce anyone, or anything.)



Long ago, The World was engulfed in a fire, known as a nuclear holocaust, in which the world's leaders had taken it upon themselves to attack their enemies in full retaliation, using almost every weapon they had.

It was a mistake.

The Earth could not take this: It was turned into a giant dustball, a Giant graveyard, A Living Hell.

But of course, the human race survived. As always. People seeked to restore the earth, and begin finding fresh, clean water, growing crops, and herding animals. Masses were injured, sick, and weak from radiation, and dirty water/food sources and lack of proper medication.

But the worst of it were the Outlaws, the Psychopaths. These men claimed the weapons that remained, and made their own even. They fixed up bikes, jeeps, trucks, all that, killing and pillaging, raping women, burning villages, and God knows what else.

The worst of these murders and madmen came about when they were organized by the 'Old Fashioned' men. Men who admired the work of ages old Kings and Dictators. Using immense knowledge, and for some, Intense Fighting "Skills," They were able to raise armies, create fine weaponry, and make societies of their own, most of which that rarely functioned peacefully, as bloodshed raged on.

It was the Dawn of a new age.....An Age ruled by Chaos. Only the Strong would survive.


But They were Wrong.

(*Cues music*)


Then, from the first of many tales, came the story of a Man.

This Man was no ordinary man. He challenged these killers, as innocents helplessly feared for his life. A Scream was their answer...

...the Screams of the Psychopathic men dying?

This man was capable of feats that no ordinary human being was capable of: Bending Steel as if it were a twig, smashing Iron into dust, and making men explode into blood and gore, fighting violence with worse violence. His tales reached far and wide, taking down even the most fear-inciting monsterous giant, into a shriveled mess of tears, begging for mercy, as they would soon atone for their sins.

This man had many names.

The Man With Seven Scars.

The End Of Century Savior.

The Fist Of the North Star.

But none were as Great as the man's true name:


There were others like him. Men who devoted their lives to the art of combat through means that would baffle scientists, and scare normal folk. He practices The Legendary Hokuto Shinken, Divine Fist Of the North Star, One of the greatest Ansatsuken (Assassination arts, martial arts with the intent of killing the opponent) ever made, and the most powerful, in an undefeated 2000 years legacy. Styles close to it in power were not uncommon, such as its opposite art, Nanto Seiken (Silent Fist Of the South Star), And other legendary Fists, such as Gento Koken (Imperial Fist Of the South Star)

But the Question is: In this age of Darkness, will you join a new Generation of practitioners?....









Exclusive Styles: Hokuto Shinken (Only available to me currently. If you know the Hokuto No Ken Anime, then ask me if you want to practice this style in the RP for any story purpose.)

Available Styles for Any user: Hokuto Ryuuken (North Star Lapis Lazulis Fist. A Darker Version of Hokuto Shinken, that uses Matouki, or Demonic Aura, and all techniques are dangerous. Uses the 1,109 Keiraku Hako Destructive Channeling points), Hokuto Ujou Ken (North Star Merciful Fist. User focuses on Healing, And kills opponents 'humanely,' letting them feel heaven, and no pain before they die.)

The Hokuto, Or North Star Fist Style, is a form that demands the user to practice in years of inhuman training methods, and various lessons that would make any mortal man beg for death. This molds the user into a near superhuman fighter. It also has the ability to manipulate an opponent through the use of channeling strength into focused blows, striking a combination The 708 Keiraku Hiko Hidden Channeling Points, making Hokuto an internal style.. It is known by the hokutoshichisei constellation, known in english as the Big Dipper.

Other Hokuto Styles can be taught to anyone with enough strength and willpower to endure the hellish training regiments, however, Hokuto Shinken is only allowed to train a select number of students, 4, or 7, the number of stars in the Big Dipper. Only One Successor is chosen, and all other users must give up the style, or face horrible consequences.

Nanto Seiken

Available Styles: Nanto Hakuro Ken (South Dipper White Heron Fist), Nanto Kokaku Ken (South Dipper Crimson Crane Fist), Nanto Koshu Ken (South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist)

Exclusive: Nanto Suicho Ken (South Dipper Waterfowl Fist) , Nanto Ho'O Ken (South Dipper Phoenix Fist)

Nanto is the style opposite to Hokuto, like Yin and Yang. It utilizes different forms that manipulate air pressure to externally attack an opponent, like a blade. It has 108 Sects with various styles, many of which include weapons and powers.

There are 6 masters of Nanto Sei Ken, that practice the air pressure manipulation style mentioned above. They are known as the Nanto Roku Sei Ken, and along with The Successor to Hokuto shinken and Gento Koken's masters, they were meant to protect the Tentei (Celestial Emperor)

Needless to Say, Nanto is an incredibly Open Style, that takes much devotion to master.

Gento Koken

Available Styles: Red Light Master, Green Light Master, Blue Light Master, Custom Style

Exclusive: Golden Light Master

A Style that Rivals Hokuto And Nanto. It uses a form of Combat that utilizes Ki in Cellular Destruction of the Body. Practitioners, in addition to the regular, strong punches and other basic moves, can throw fireballs, beams, Energy Rings, slice people apart, and shoot Fire/Ice, manipulating Temperature. And The most practiced can even 'Boil' Hidden pressure points. They even know how to slice people apart similarly to Nanto. However, despite these abilities, they are still on equal terms with the two above styles.

Gento Koken and the Tentei (Celestial Emperor) are Guarded by 4 Styles of Gento, Each in Different Colors.

Custom Style:

Create your own fighting style and PM me to see if you can use it. This is for those that are very much creative and don't want to be tethered by a Class.


Fighters that Focus more on using Weaponry, Wits, and the like. Not as powerful as Martial Artists, but anyone who knows a thing or two about fighting is very significant in a time ruled by Chaos. Only question: Are you a Survivor for peace, or a bloodthirsty Outlaw?

Toggle Rules

Will Be Changed as Need Be.

1. No Godmodding. You Do Not Know every style, however, I will allow for one or two moves, or similar moves from different styles that a person can Use Ex. A Gento Master uses a Nanto Technique. However, there is a limit, and if you just pull out a whole stockpile, or just claim to know all fighting styles, then your Character is instantly up to be kicked out.

2. This is an Anime RP, but not your average mainstream anime. DBZ fans may just enjoy it.

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