EarthDemitri Von Grivigan

"Pain keeps me going, giving pain to others gets me motivated..."

a character in “Hollywood Fine Arts”, as played by TravlersTails

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He has auburn brown hair, long and tied with a red ribbon, glasses, and icy blue eyes. He often wears a scowl, and has eyes are often a bit darker than they should be. He wears a blouse, a scarf (Because he's always cold) and a buttoned jacket that he never seems to take off. He wears navy blue pants, and dress shoes. Sometimes, you can catch him with gloves on.


Demitri is sadistic, eccentric, and odd. He is always in his corner, quietly writing what ever he wishes, and secretly plotting against other students. He often keeps knives in his room, when he keeps doll of everyone he hates, and does things to them, in torture. He is very, very secretive, and keeps quiet for a reason. If he were to speak, he would "accidentally" stab someone in rage. Most things about Demitri are mysterious, and not much is know about his views or his past.


Demitri is adopted by the Von Givigans when he was 12, nothing has been given out before that.

So begins...

Demitri Von Grivigan's Story