Home for Strays

Home for Strays

Many cruel people abandon there dogs and cats on streets or in the woods. You're one of these poor souls abandon and mistreated. That's when you stumble on a place called "Home."

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Many cruel people abandon there dogs and cats on streets or in the woods. They are left with no hope and no one to give them a second chance. So many pets wander from place to place barely alive and sadden that there owners have tossed them away. Others were abused and escaped from the cruel life to only have a harder time surviving. Most of these poor animals die on the streets, struck by cars, or even shot to death.

You're one of these poor souls abandon and mistreated. Traveling miles on the streets with no hope in sight. It seems the world has forgotten all about you or shuns you from happiness. One day as you travel looking for food and water or whatever you can get, you stumble upon an old house. This house is away from the streets and city it just seems to be there on the outskirts.

Carefully you make your way to the house maybe there's food you think. The paint is peeling and the windows are broken it smells as no human has lived there in a real long time. But still you draw closer and closer to the house as you notice a new smell coming from the supposedly abandon house. You notice the smell of food and your already hungry belly compels you to get food. Circling the house to find an entrance you notice an old white fence with large trees on inside of fence. The rotting fence wood barely hangs there and your malnourished body easily slips through old fence and through the thick tree brush.

As you cautiously peer through you see that the garden is neat as though humans have tend to it. You notice its huge area as though it somehow grew in size. As you look around you see a large, wooden table filled with food, but no one is around. Looking around you see no one and the food makes your starving belly growl more ferociously. Carefully you sneak your way to the food to grab a bite. That's when someone shouts "HEY!" You instantly flee to the brush, but you get tangled in the branches.

Struggling to get away, but poor body conditions are not helping and you almost instantly tire out. You here foot steps behind you draw closer to you and move bushes out the way to see a human, but then again its not a human. This human has the ears of a dog (or cat) they merely smile and untangle you from the branches. They look at you with gentle eyes and small smile across there face.

"Hello stray." The friendly dog human (or cat human) says to you. "You're so lucky to find this place. I would like to welcome you to the Home." Very much confused you ask what is the "Home." They explain that the "Home" is a place where strays can come to live there rest of there lives or until they find a permanent home. Its a sanctuary where dog and cats can get a second chance at life. The reason they could find the place was because of a special gift in them that allows them to see the "Home" for what it truly is.

As you look over to the old house you see its actually a big mansion. He or she smiles and tells you that you can come and stay in a dorm. Where cats and dogs are separated in these rooms as well as separated by girls and guys. They then hand you a collar that allows you to turn into a dog human (or cat human) as well as back to your original form. You are also free to come and go as you please as well as hide your dog ears (or cat ears) from humans when your in your human form. Which also allows you to work in human society to help support the "Home."


You're a normal human who has been working and living a normal life (or not, its up to you). You're heading home (or going to work) when you notice a person with dog ears and dog tail (or cat ears and cat tail) at first you think its just someone dressing up and you think nothing about it. Then the ears move and so does the tail that's when you think its strange, but you still think its nothing maybe there just moveable parts in them so you continue on your day with not much care.

The next day you begin to see more and more of these dog humans (and/or cat humans). When you ask your fellow co-workers or friends to see what the person is wearing. They don't see it and they say its your eyes playing tricks on you. However this is not true because more and more are coming up. Then it comes to the point where you're tired of them not believing you and you follow one of them.

You follow the creature to an old house that seem abandon, but as you look closer you see its not abandon instead right before you're eyes you see its actually a huge mansion. One of the dogs (or cats) see you in shock as they know you can clearly see the house. That's when you're invited in. The mansion is big and beautiful with many of these creatures running around. They explain its a sanctuary for strays who can see this place. Begging you to keep this place a secret you agree to it knowing no one would believe you for know.

You're welcomed to visit them if you wish or completely ignore what you just saw. They just wish for you to keep this a secret from as many humans as possible. Now its up to you to either keep this place a secret or tell people. Although they may not see this place for what it truly is right away.



Angel Bell
Cody Turner





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Battle vomited again before realizing Angel was touching her back. Just the thought of someone touching her in this form, sent her trembling, but now... She pulled away from Angel, slightly baring her teeth. Her eyes were wide, and her shirt still had some splatters of blood on it from her hunt. Matted hair, slight torn and bloodied clothes, she looked feral.


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Though she was scared, for herself and Battle, Angel kept her breathing even, keeping from looking the other girl in the eyes.
"Battle...?" she whispered, and pulled her hands away, folding them in her lap, "I promise, I won't hurt you. Do you want some water? I can get it for you." Stupidly, she dared to glance into Battle's eyes, the turned her head away, shaking. "I can bring you other clothes, some food, anything." She tensed, half-waiting to feel Battle's body tackle her and begin to attack.

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Angel has always just wanted the best for everyone. She is shy, reserved, but very friendly and loyal.
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"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that showed you tried."
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We need to pick back up on postings!!

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Hey you guys! My Onii-chan has this roleplay called Black Rock Shooter: The Final Twelve, and he still needs some more players! Me and Beach-Born-Boy started already, but, we still need more players if we wanna keep to the real story!

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Everyone is accepted! Please post away. I am always accepting new characters

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I'm not one to answer that, but I don't think so! Lambie's always accepting new characters. ("Also I am alway accepting characters, so if you have a friend who wants to join an rp I am always accepting.") So send in your character form-thingy. Lol. :D

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Is it too late to submit a character?? ^^"

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Yay! Glad this is up! :)

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Can I make a male cat character and a female dog character?

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Maybe around 3 or 4 if not then I'll start it sooner.

Edit: Ok so we got some more characters and we'll start now. Also I am alway accepting characters, so if you have a friend who wants to join an rp I am always accepting. Also everyone can have a max of 3 characters it has to be 1 cat, 1 dog, and 1 human no doubling of either species unless you ask me. So lets begin posting!

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How many more people would you like to join before we begin?

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Thanks! Is it okay if I post my other character up tomorrow?

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Can I join? I think I might have sent in character form... Not too sure though. :D
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As soon as we get more people we'll start.

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Nevermind, I figured it out...
One more question though...um...when will we be starting? Im quite excited.

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I've a question...this is my first day on this site, and I was just wondering...where will postings of the actual RP be put? Better said, where will I be able to see and read it?

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Yea I had to leave in a hurry, so I am going to post my skelly soon.

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This seems interesting... But may I suggest you put up a form/skelly?

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I will post a bio once I ha e slept I can find my old Neko character from a thread a while back.

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