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After becoming the owner of the El Roseta horse ranch, Tara faces problems when a huge corporation wants to make her ranch into a money-making racetrack.

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Adrian was sleep under the trees... again. He heard a loud snort and something push the side of his face. He made a face and turned over to the side. This time it rolled him over to his stomach. Adrian finally managed to pull himself up and looked around. "What do you want?" he asked annoyed, not knowing who it was. He looked up as he heard a loud whine and smiled. "Oh, good morning Thunder." he said with a stretch. The black stallion bobbed his head up and down as in saying hello. Adrian got up and patted the side of his face. Thunder snorted in his face before bringing his head down to graze on the grass. Adrian yawned and sat down again watching Thunder happily bunch on the grass. He looked over when he heard galloping. It seemed to be coming closer this way. A beautiful white mare trotted up to them, shakinf her mane as she came. She lowered her head at Adrian so he can pet her. "Hey there June. Hows it going?" he asked rubbing the front of her face. She gave a small whine and looked up at Thunder.

"Alright you too. Dont get into trouble. I need to eat breakfast." he said getting up with a smile. He had to stop falling asleep outside, but what better did he expect then to get woken up by a horse. He kind of enjoyed that. Adrian jumped over the fence and walked into the house. "Morning Ms. Callahan, morning Tara." he said as soon as he stepped into the house. They both seemed rather very happy this morning. Adrian tilted his head, "Did something happen? You both look very happy this morning." he said scratching the back of his head.