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After becoming the owner of the El Roseta horse ranch, Tara faces problems when a huge corporation wants to make her ranch into a money-making racetrack.

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Cathrine patted shadow on the neck after having ridden him all morning. "Good job boy. Let's get you back to the other horses" She placed her heels in Shadow's sides making him run towards the fields just beside the stables where the horses usually were fenced in. Shadow sped up as he was looking forward to be with the other horses again. Cathrine just smiled and loosed her rims a bit letting Shadow as he pleased. She trusted him greatly and wouldn't trade him for any other horse. As they reached the fields Cathrine tightened the rims and made Shadow slow down a bit. She made him stop by the fence and dismounted him while was drinking some water by the tank just beside the gate.

With great ease Cathrine removed the sattle and the rims from Shadow and opened the gate for him. Shadow looked at Cathrine for a while as if he tried telling her he missed her on his back already. Cathrine just smiled and took out a carrot from her pocket. She feded it to Shadow and hugged his neck. "You did great today. I'm proud of you, Shadow" She whispered to him before letting go of him and holding the gate open.Shadow went in and after Cathrine had closed the gate he ran over to socialise with the other horses inside the field. Cathrine took the saddle and rims to the stables and placed them where they should be. She took off her helmet and placed it on the shelf before fixing her ponytail and walking into the ranch house. She saw that she was the last person to arrive and sat down by the table. Goodmorning everyone. Dare I ask why everyone seems so happy today?" she asked cheerfully after seeing all the smiles on people's faces.