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After becoming the owner of the El Roseta horse ranch, Tara faces problems when a huge corporation wants to make her ranch into a money-making racetrack.

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Adrian and Cathrine both came into the ranch house, inquiring as to why Tara and her parents seemed so happy today.

"Well," Tara replied, "My mom and dad were offered a lot of land in California for a good price. They are going to start a larger horse ranch there, and they will even start a breeding program of their own like they have always wanted to. And finally, they are leaving El Roseta to me!.... So they won't be around here anymore to help out, but we can do it on our own. I know it!"

Tara realized that her mother had finished making breakfast and invited Adrian and Cathrine to sit down with them at the table. Breakfast today consisted of eggs, bacon, and french toast. Tara could not wait to dig in and begin discussing plans for how they were going to run the horse ranch all by themselves. She knew this was going to be a great opportunity for all of them. This was one of Tara's biggest dreams, and it was finally a reality. A horse ranch of her own!

"So any plans for improvements or anything once you all are on your own here?" her mother asked them.