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After becoming the owner of the El Roseta horse ranch, Tara faces problems when a huge corporation wants to make her ranch into a money-making racetrack.

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Adrian took a seat looking down at the plate of food. He grabbed his fork and pushed around his bacon as he talked, "I dont know. We can uh... first start off by repainting the place. Then we can rearrange some things, since you will be moving out of here." he suggested. Adrian finally stabbed the bacon with the fork and put it in his mouth. "Ah.. I'll miss your cooking Ms. Callahan." he said with a small smile. "Oh right we also need to fix one of the doors for the stables. One of the horse kicked it." he said drinking som water. "Any other plans?" he asked.

Adrian looked at Tara and grinned, "Think you can manage this place as the owner?" he asked with a small hint of humor in it.