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After becoming the owner of the El Roseta horse ranch, Tara faces problems when a huge corporation wants to make her ranch into a money-making racetrack.

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"Hmm yeah I noticed. I almost fell of TK before. I thought it was his legs, but when we got here he seemed to relax. Maybe a storms coming... or something else.." he said petting TK. The brown stallion snorted and looked up. He stared off the direction where the ranch was and started to drink some water. Adrian gently touched his back leg that got hurt a few weeks ago. TK looked back at him and moved his legs away. "Looks like it still hurts huh..." he said worried. Adrian leaned his head back on the tree, "You think the ranch is going to be ok? You do know a lot of people tried to buy this place a number of times. Now that your parents will be gone they might try again. We're only kids. We really cant do much."