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Setting: GM Narrative2011-04-25 21:53:14, as written by shmband
Eventually the girl's reached the porch, climbing the creaking steps to the front door. As fast as they'd tried to move, they were soaked through; their feet being particularly wet. Judging by the number of puddles they'd stepped into in the dark, the drive was in need of a small fortune spending in repairs.

Under the porch, they were out of the rain which was still pelting down. Even so, an eerie silence hung in the air. There was no sign of any lights being on downstairs. And even the upstairs light which had attracted their attention earlier was no longer on; the whole place seemed deserted. But then, it was five minutes to midnight. Everyone in the house was probably in bed.

In the distance, an owl hooted, sending a shiver down their spines. They were in the middle of nowhere, at a strange, run-down old house, about to wake up whoever lived inside at midnight. They certainly wouldn't be too pleased. But if Julia was going to make her appointment tomorrow, they had no choice.

Just then, a dull glow appeared from around the side of the house. A light had been turned on! At least someone was awake. The girls were presented with a few options; there was an elaborate knocker in the middle of the door, as well as a bell-pull hanging to the right, or alternatively there was the option of investigating the light around the side of the house...