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When your car breaks down in a storm in the middle of nowhere, you may not live to regret taking refuge in the house...

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The rain hitting the windshield made it impossible to sleep so Leva was thinking about why she was in the car instead of out with her friends at the biggest party of the year. Her father had asked, no commanded her presence home for break. She pulled her rich black hair from her face and looked out the cars window into the pitch blackness of the stormy night, "We should really pull over and sleep in the car" she mumbled softly. Leva understood why they weren't but her hands were clenched because she was suppressing shivers that were rolling down her spin, she didn't like driving in the rain or dark. The phone conversation she had with her dad lasted a total of ten seconds, "Leva come home" then the beep of the phone being hung up, She was hurt her dad didn't stay and talk, or didn't seem to really care about her. It almost seemed like Mother had reminded him of Leva's existent at all, With a soft sigh she closed her eyes trying desperately to get some sleep.