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When your car breaks down in a storm in the middle of nowhere, you may not live to regret taking refuge in the house...

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Setting: The House2011-04-25 22:54:24, as written by Wonderland
Julia saw the light turn on. She sighed and she reached up; putting her hand on the knocker. The rain might drown out the sound of the bell and the knocker was louder and could be felt. She needed to get herself and Leva inside, to be dry and to phone for the auto service in the morning. She needed to make sure they were in a dry place; she was responsible for Leva since she was the one who had been driving her home.

She then would wrap her fingers around the knocker and pound it onto the door three times, loud and hard so the person inside could hear. She hoped they would be kind or if they didn't want them inside; at least tell them directions to the nearest town. Julia waited, taking her hand off the knocker and waiting for whoever was inside to come answer the door.