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When your car breaks down in a storm in the middle of nowhere, you may not live to regret taking refuge in the house...

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Setting: The House2011-04-28 13:54:30, as written by shmband
After a short wait there was the sound of footsteps! The tall man the girls had met earlier walked in, opening the door for another tall man dressed in a purple smoking-jacket.

"May I present Lord Kelnor, the Earl of Drumer," the butler announced.

The Earl stepped forward and extended his hand towards the girls to shake.

"Pleasure to meet you both." he said in a soft, kind voice. "There is no need to explain yourselved, I can see well enough that you have been caught i this filthy storm. Let us sit by the fire and we will see whether we can help. Franklins, tell the cook to prepare some food for our visitors."

Giving the girls no opportunity to reply or protest, the Earl opened another door and gestured for them to follow him into the drawing room, where a fire was burning in an ornate fireplace.