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When your car breaks down in a storm in the middle of nowhere, you may not live to regret taking refuge in the house...

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Setting: The House2011-04-28 14:49:13, as written by Wonderland
Julia looked up at the tall man in the purple jacket. She kept her arms around Leva, pulling her up and she slowly following the man into the room as she looked over at the fire. She then took her own sopping wet jacket off, holding it in her arms as water dripped on the floor and she took Leva's jacket off as well. "Is there anywhere I could put these? They aren't much use when they are sopping wet.." she said, trying to be polite as she walked over near the fire, pulling Leva with her and looking at the man.

"We're very sorry for intruding this late." she said, her wet hair clinging to her neck and shoulders and back.