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When your car breaks down in a storm in the middle of nowhere, you may not live to regret taking refuge in the house...

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Setting: The House2011-04-30 21:08:48, as written by shmband
The Earl laughed heartily and raised his glass towards Leva.

"Of course my dear," he said, "I'm afraid this far out in the country we often forget the norms of society. I'll make sure something softer is served with our meal."

He listened intently to Julia's relating of their encounter, and shrugged casually, the warm smile remaining on his face.

"Truly these roads and this weather, they can play all sorts of tricks on the tired mind. Let us be thankful at least that the two of you were not hurt. Ah! Here is Franklins now!"

The butler came back in to announce that a meal was ready. The Earl rose and gestured for Julia and Leva to follow him through to a magnificent looking dining room, where a long table stretched between three fine chairs and was laid with gleaming silver cutlery. A rich red wallpaper covered the walls and the room was lit by a sparkling chandelier, bristling with candles. The Earl took the one solitary seat on the one side of the table, leaving the two on the other side for the girls.

With a straight face, Franklins announced that the meals prepared were a choice of lamb or duck. The Earl instructed the butler that he would have the duck, and glanced at the girls waiting for them to make their choice.