The House Of NightFaydra Wells

a character in “House of Night: Nyx's Bidding”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Full name: Faydra Marie Wells
Affinitie: Water
Cat: Image She named him Clyde.
Looks like: Image (Except she just has the outline of the crescent moon.)
Mark: : Out line of cresent moon
Former?: 1
Likes: Swimming, teasing, having fun, rain, hot guys, her friends, going with the flow of things, and ect.
Dislikes: Know it alls, people who can't take a joke, heat, hags, when her cat fights with other cats, when someone brings her into all the drama, and ect.
Dorm: (Don't know who to share with right now so I wont put a pic up yet.)
Other: Nothing as of the moment.

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Faydra Wells's Story