How did this happen?

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where war starts to happen and human's get stuck in between. Pick your side vampire and witch's or werewolf's and Wizard's or you are on nobody's side cause you want peace.

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Where there is the human's,Werewolf's,Vampire's,and Wizard's and Witch's.There is a school for the newly made or chosen vampire's to train up and learn what they still need to learn. Now while the newly and chosen vampires are training and learning the Werewolf's are also learing as well but most of the Werewolfs or running free in the woods.Now for the Witch's and Wizard's. they go to the same school with human's.They only attend the same school cause they pass as human's more easy.Now last the humans could be turn to a Vampire anytime but the human must be 16 years of age to 25 years of age to turn Into a Vampire.
Now the plot is where evil starts to over come in some of the good mythical or human's.The Vampire's are being judged by the Werewolf's and the Wizard's take side with the Werewolf's and the Witch's take side with Vampire's.Now in the plot I want you to know that war does not start right away we all start in school then the student's in the school called The house of Shadow's aka the school for vamps and Werewolf's.Now the school for human's and Witch's and Wizard's is called Black Rose High. Oh ya in the war humans are the peace keeper's so there in between and trying to make the war go to peace.

Now the chosen Vampire's are NOT to be played by anyone! cause one there are only 6 chosen one's and if I let anyone be them It would not be fair.But in this Role play I want there to be a twist where one vamp loves a werewolf and one werewolf loves the same vamp that loves the him/or what happen's is a Vamp and a werewolf like each other but cant be together.


1.Vampires (Teachers): I need at least 3 or more Teacher's

2.Vampire (Student's):I need at least 15

Witch's:I need at least 2

Wizards:I need at least 2

Werewolf's:I need 10 or less

1.Human's (that dont wanna change):I only need 2

2.Human's (that do wanna change):please the most human's I want are 15

Character sheet:





what are you?(pick human 1,Vampire2,witch,ect.):

Apperance (it can be described or you can have a pic):

are you bad or good:


1. NO GOD modding
2.Tell me if your gonna be offline for a week
3.your age must be between 16 and 19,your age if your a teacher must be between 20 and 45.
4.have fun
5.romance is aloud how ever keep it rated PG 13
6.please dont use alot of swear words thank's


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