Earth, destination unknown.Ai Shan Ke

A Chinese girl with the ability of Chinese faeries

a character in “How I Live Now”, as played by syrafay

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Ai Shan is a Chinese girl who'd been raised with traditional values in a temple in northern China, so he appearance coincides with the classic Chinese beauty. She has long, silky black hair often woven in intricate style, and her skin is a pale olive color, accented by rich, brown eyes. As for clothes, she'd learned at a young age how to make her own clothes, so she can create different outfits from different centuries of the past, but most commonly, she wears a Chinese styled shirt and loose, flowing pants.



Ai Shan is a very humble, elegant lady, from years of being trained in the arts of Chinese society. She can dance, sing, and play the instruments for most ancient Chinese music. She also can perform admirably in calligraphy. The training for all of her abilities caused her to create a naturally graceful demeanor at all times. Her most comfortable position is ramrod straight, whether she is standing or sitting. Overall, she is a kind girl who really doesn't understand sarcasm. Everything about her is soft, her laughter, her voice, etc. She is truly and elegant, high-class lady of China.


Her father, having lost his only son at a young age, had decided to teach Ai Shan martial arts on top of her formal education. Due to the combination of the two trainings, she has strange equipment that serves for many purposes. The ornaments in her hair, for example, are beautifully crafted, sheathed knifes. If ever she has to face a situation of peril, she merely needs to pull them out of her hair and use them for defense. This fact, of course, is known only to herself. The academy allowed her to keep them, because they thought they were merely hair ornaments. Ai Shan also brought her family heirlooms, an old, beautiful erhu (A Chinese violin, of sorts) and a jewel-encrusted jewelry box once a gift to an Emperor's mistress in her family line.


Ai Shan was born in a temple in the northern area of China. It was secluded from the public, so her family, a traditional high-class family, privately educated Ai Shan until she developed all her artistic talents and was fluent in Chinese, English, and French. She was the oldest female child, and naturally, her husband would be the heir to their legacy, because her mother had never birthed a male heir. She has lived her whole life, trying to prove herself worthy for whatever future husband she would be attached to in the future, a marriage of convenience. She had never failed in being the pride of her family, until she discovered her abilities.

According to ancient Chinese tales and myths, there was a creature, a Chinese faerie, equivalent to a goddess, of sorts. In the Chinese culture, the faeries are to be feared and treated with respect because of the mischief and wrath that can ensue. They had the power of transformation and influence over the minds of human beings. They are most well known for their ability to control the weather. Ai Shan, at the age of 18, began to recognize signs of these powers in herself. Terrified that she might be an evil creature of the past, she obeyed the person on the phone and obediently came. As far as she's concerned, the academy is helping her. Their strict regimen is something she'd been used to at home anyway. Despite her belief in them, she still has the slightest inkling of distrust that maybe it's a lie.


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