Earth, destination unknown.Brooklyn Morris

A drop in the ocean, a leaf on the wind, a burning candle, a flower in the grass.

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Brooklyn, or Brooke as she prefers to be known, is a tall, slender teenager, with a slightly athletic build. She has lush, brown hair that is wavy, but not quite curly. This reaches the middle of her back, but she often has it tied up, so it doesn't get in the way. Her bangs are cut so they sit to the side, often hiding her eyes, which are a deep chocolate brown, not that it matters. Often when Brooke's mood changes, her eyes change colour. If she is angry, they flare up red, when she is sad they are blue and when she is happy they are a bright green. Her skin is not pale, but neither is it tanned. Her nose is petite, her lips plump and a light pink in colour. Her head is heart shaped, with a pointed chin, not that it notices. She could be described as quite pretty, though she would never admit that. She is often clothed in a vest top and some soft of jeans and when it is cold she throws a hoody over the top. She's not worried about style. She looks older than her age of 17.


Brooke was an outgoing person, who would jump at the chance to talk to anyone. Although she often appeared to be quite shy and drawn into herself, she would be the first to introduce herself. But since she discovered her powers, she has become more conscious about talking to people openly, afraid that they will consider her a freak. Despite this, she is still a cheerful person, with a infectious laugh and a beautiful smile. She has a bubbly nature that draws people to her, but she also has a serious side, one that can take in problems and solve them. Friends often turned to her for advice and she would willing give it to them, as she has a gentle nature, kind and loving. She is intelligent and loves reading as well as writing.
That said, her temper is not something to be tested. Although she doesn't often get angry, it can be disastrous when she does...


Powers: Brooke has a unique gift which connects her feelings to the four elements, earth, fire, water and air. If Brooke is angry, something will burst into flames. If she is sad, then it pours with rain. If she is happy, flowers grow around her. She is yet to discover which feeling links to air. However, Brooke, so far, can barely control these powers. They rely on her feelings and she has not yet learnt how to control her feelings to get the elements to do as she wishes. Eventually she will be able to control the elements without the connection to her feelings.


Brooklyn was born into a sturdy family. She had a mother, a father and an older brother, each one of them normal. Her mother, although she doesn't consider herself to be, is an author. This is where Brooke got her love of books and writing, as her mother read to her from a young age and taught her to read. By the age of eight she was reading crime novels and by the age of twelve Shakespeare was her favourite author. At the age of thirteen she began to discover that she had a talent for writing.
Her father was nothing more than a Thatcher, but he loved his job. Brooke loves her father dearly as most daughters do.
Craig, her older brother, was her idol when she was child. She dotes on him more than both of her parents. He looks out for her, always making sure that she's alright and he loves his little sister.
Brooke was 15 when she first started to showing signs of having powers. After a particularly bad day at school, she had run home; burst into tears and seconds later it poured with rain. It took her brother to cheer her up and once she was smiling again, the sun shone. It was always a little joke of theirs that her smile made the sun come out. No-one took it seriously and it was the only sign of her powers for a year.
It wasn't until she was 16 that she realised that something was wrong with her. Walking the streets she had seen some teens picking on an old man, minding his own business. Puffing out her chest, she had marched over, telling to back off, much to her friend's dismay. The older teens had laughed and then shoved the man over, just to prove this nosy little cow a point. Fury bubbled over inside of Brooke, she wished that something bad would happen to them and just as she did, the closest teenager's trackies burst into sudden flame. There was lots of screaming and fear and Brooke was quick to get out of there.
It took her a year to test when she believed. Every time her mood flipped she would see what happened.
She started making links and that was when she picked up the phone and dialled...

So begins...

Brooklyn Morris's Story