Hunter is Dead

Hunter is Dead

In the small town of Lockheart where it is quaint and peaceful and these summer days are coming to an end just like any season's last day, but a party is put in place, dressing to the new season which is autumn...but this night could be your last...

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Lockheart is like a Victorian town, with it's old fashioned wooden panes decorating the outer exterior, stain glassed windows, brick houses, dated with moss growth, flower baskets, a town center landmark, benches, a church and basic shops, mostly a town market, old fashioned sweet shop, a tavern, post office, police station, fire station, a first, middle and high school and local hospital, small to city hospitals but just as good. It is a basic town with all you could ever need to live there. Most are happy, even the younger generation, yes there is violence in drink but that is everywhere. This town is a good place, for families, couples, children, everyone is welcome and the church welcomes all, even homosexuals, this place is non-judgmental. It is like heaven.

Of course every town has it's good times and bad times, this being the death of the well loved son of the mayor, died age twenty from incurable cancer, his body just finally gave up, he was put onto life support on his last two weeks of life before his father, Mayor Duncan James Schnider pulled the plug on his son, it was two years ago from now and on this day the annual party of his life is at hand. His name? Well, it was Faron Hunter Schnider, but most called him Hunter. He was a charismatic, gentle soul, always helping the town out, he was quite the looker and he was the talk of the local high school, being he was both the mayor's son and top boy in the school, he was never a harsh leader though, a fair one and only cruel when it was needed. He was leader material and he was supposed to take his father's place as mayor but cancer got him first.

You are at the annual party to celebrate the Mayor's son's life and the retirement of the mayor as he gives his power to the next soon to be mayor. The party this year is a masquerade party, everyone is going to be wearing masks, though it is of today's era, everyone in the town wanted Victorian styled and so it was arranged, children and babies are asleep, it is only young adults and older that are present at this time, being it 10pm, and there is alcohol, everyone here is drinking, dancing, eating and generally having a good time.

But what is about to happen is going to crumble your being your mind.. sending you into panic, rage, be wary...because you don't know who to trust this night...can you even trust your best friend?


The Retiring Mayor(Duncan James Schnider)/FC: Mads Mikkelsen[TAKEN BY LupinIII]
Duncan is a confident man. He can appear somewhat blunt at times. He is a master of telling people what they would like to hear, even if it meant making a lie utterly convincing. He is strong-willed, and uses his position of power to his advantage, mostly with the attractive, young women that he encounters.

He is retiring, but does he want to? Not so much, it is what he loves and knows...all he has left and all the free time alone can unhinge the mind and he knows this, he dreads it. He doesn't want to think back because all he has is his son's face in his mind, slowly dying in the medical bay of the small hospital in Lockheart....Being mayor is all he knows...what will he do?

The New Mayor(Name?James)/FC: Peter Facinelli
Age between mid twenties and late thirties

The new mayor is coming into power soon, he is devoted on changing a few things, perhaps introduce new buildings, houses....making this town into a city in the long run, most object to this but I guess he is just blinded by power, money and opportunity...

Hunter(Faron Hunter Schnider)/FC: Keanu Reeves[TAKEN BY xfaithyx123]
Age unknown

Hunter has been newly resurrected by his master, twisted from the black magic the brought him to life his humanity and darkness at a constant battle for control and it all depends on who is around him that will make him a monster or his self again...He is blood thirsty, vicious and cruel, turning art into a morbid nightmare and even eats the flesh of the living. He marks his targets or the ones his master point out. He is bond to the necromancer via a soul link, this when a soul of a new resurrected person instantly is drawn to it's master, making it almost a bond between the two, this also stops Hunter from attacking his master. His soul belongs to the necromancer, an invisible thread attached to both him and the necromancer's hearts or souls. The further Hunter is away from the necromancer the more his humanity has a chance to be released but also making him and the necromancer weaker too, but the necromancer has back up strength..

Hunter's subordinate/new mayor's sister(Chloe James)/FC: Rachelle Lefevre[TAKEN BY Rain Stark]
Chloe is quiet but outgoing. She loves social interaction, and is generally happy go lucky. Nothing fazes her, she just takes everything in stride . She has a sarcastic edge at times when being humorous. She is incredibly affectionate. But also a total domme. She also loves joking around and making men nervous, she doesn't mind making women nervous either. She rarely gets angry, and is usually just happy go lucky in general. Bit of a nymph.

She witnessed Hunter's resurrection but was caught by the necromancer's student, pinned down before the necromancer and Hunter and that was when they decided to take part of her soul and put it in Hunter, making her instantly infatuated and devoted to Hunter, even if it meant death, unless she gets the half of her soul back she is Hunter's pawn. But Hunter doesn't mistreat her, in fact he gives her jewels, necklaces, all the things a woman would want. She will most likely watch Hunter's every move in a protective manner.

The Saintly Twin(Alicia Martingale)/FC: Britt Robertson[TAKEN BY Sanarith]
Alicia is deeply religious and is faithful to the Lord and the Bible. She reads it every Sunday (Not all of it, but...You know. Just a little every Sunday) and is loyal to it and her friends. She tries to be faithful to her family too, but her sister makes that almost impossible when she is being difficult. She is extremely protective of her twin, though. She also is the type of person that denies any compliments directed at herself and turns it into compliments for others. She is a very friendly and has good intentions. She is the type of person that volunteers for charities and rescues puppies because they look sad. She has a dream about falling in love, very pure love that she has heard about in fairy tales. However, even though she herself is heterosexual, she respects all other sexualities, and respects all ethnicities and other religions also.

Unlike her twin sister she is drawn to the magic of healing and divine light, she is religious and can sense the souls of the obvious living and the dead...this will make her a target to the necromancer and his student, they will most likely try and kill her and even her best friend(FC: Anna Kendrick) will also. She will sense the link between the mysteriously masked Hunter in the party and the masked necromancer that is in fact the high priest in the town. She will also realize the necromancer as a number of souls on him, but not his well as the fact that half her best friend's soul is missing from her. Then there is the necromancer's student, he will have a dark soul, being that his ancestors were necromancers also, making him just as dangerous as his master...But she is not alone because her faith will shield her..

The Devilish Twin(Name?Martingale )/FC: Kristen Bell
Age eighteen to mid twenties/Same age as twin

Unlike her twin sister, despite being also religious she thinks it is a bunch of crap, she is the twin that gets into trouble the most but also has the most fun. Where her sister can see souls she has the ability to conjure a holy guardian, this weakens her, even shortens her life slightly but despite that fact the the twins are polar opposites they are extremely protective of one another, they also can cast holy magics only when his twin summons her holy companion she can't cast it unlike she dismisses her companion or it is sealed(dead).

Hunter's Necromancer/Master(Drake Sinclaire)/FC: Billy Burke[TAKEN BY Demon of Bereavement]
For an inhuman corrupted being, pretty laid back. He's not really prone to worrying, or anger, preferring instead to look at things objectively. His motto is, "I haven't met a problem yet a stone altar or a knife couldn't take care of".

This man is in light the high priest of the town, but by night he is what makes nightmares real. His family are strongly connected to the realm of the dead, it is in their blood to be able to pass back and forth from it making him immortal. He is a soul collector, the more souls he gets the stronger he gets, he keeps his soul in the realm of the dead and uses other souls from his victims as life sources he as abilities unnatural to the mortal realm and within mythology he is Leonard - Known in Germany as Urian, he is the Inspector=General of Black Magic and Sorcery...

Necromancer's Student(Vincent R. Margrave)/FC: Cam Gigandet[TAKEN BY Soul_Alchemist]
To put it simply, Vincent can be whatever he needs to be whenever he needs to be. He can just as easily play the role of a southern gentleman as he can that of a power hungry asshole. Generally he tends to be the quiet sort since he doesn't like talking very much, but should the need arise he could stand up on a table and start reciting a speech to a crowd rather effectively. No matter how he acts his eyes are always cold and dark, as if he isn't looking at you but your soul.

He is devoted to his Master (Hunter's Necromancer), he has been learning the craft of black magic since a young age and as already got a supernatural edge, he is naturally gifted and that is why his master chose him.

Hunter's Infatuated Stalker(Alexander Carlile)/FC: Cody Carson[TAKEN BY PaintingWar]
Alexander is an ass, no doubt about that. He's arrogant, cocky, blunt and flat out rude towards those around him. He doesn't really care for rules. He tends to taunt those who seem to be below him, finding himself quite high due to his practicing in blood magic.

He has been practicing in blood magic, a form of necromancy for a little while now, his arms are scarred from his countless 'gifts' to The Demon Agares. Due to this constant devotion to this demon he is been gifted the sight of supernatural beings, this is where he discovered Hunter in his resurrected form. He first out of curiosity went to his master, Agares, to ask about him and what he is and the more he found out about him he started to become infatuated and when he saw Hunter kill and eat the soul of his victim it just turn something on in him. He also has the ability to summon a familiar given from his demon master Agares.

Will add more characters when needed and I have a full list of rpers playing these characters


Clothing for the party:
Clothes stored in locker within the church where the party is held:
Equipment(Example: Pen knife, note pad and pen, ect.):

Toggle Rules

DO support all sexuality, I don't want all the character's being heterosexual or bisexual, I don't judge so I don't want anyone else too.
DO be fair, no godmodding, not unless you discussed it with the rper(s) involved and put a note at the bottom of your post to tell everyone, thank you!
DO invite your dark side! Sadist or Sadomasochist, I welcome all! And if you are not one for dark're in the wrong place.
DO be mature, there is going to be sexual content, kissing, hugging, nudity but anything else other than a few gropes then go black and go somewhere else...damn the rules of RPG...
DO not trash talk other rpers...I will not allow this to go on and if you continue after four warnings then you are kicked from the rp. Simple.
DO post every day at least once, it is not hard so no one week later posts please! Unless you have a reason. Then don't join.
DO be mindful that blood and gore is in this rp, and will be described intensely and if you have a weak stomach then...don't join...

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Hello faithy! I just wondered if I could possibly reserve the retiring mayor and submit my character profile once I get onto the laptop tonight (I am on my phone at the moment)?

This looks really interesting! (:

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Re: Hunter is Dead

Hello faithy! I just wondered if I could possibly reserve the retiring mayor and submit my character profile once I get onto the laptop tonight (I am on my phone at the moment)?

This looks really interesting! (:

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