Hunters Manor

Hunters Manor

Ladies and Gentleman of society come to Hunters Manor for the reason of hunting rare and exotic monsters and socializing with fellows. You are invited good Sir or Madam.

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In the forest of Mist Veil there is a large manor house the lays claim to a prestigious honour. This house is host to the great hunts that have taken place over almost a century in the shadowy coils of the forests fog. Here prestigious men and women gather to prepare, discuss and ultimately go on hunts of legend in the Mist Veil forest, rare and exotic and dangerous creatures lie in wait; Werewolfs, Wendigos and other creatures still hold their pelts, ready to be claimed by you and your fellow hunters.

Hunts will be set up by the Huntmaster (myself) periodically so be patient and enjoy the company, learning about your hunting partners could mean the difference in survival much of the time. The Manor houses many different rooms including a library, conservatory, observatory, dinning room, games rooms and a Dance hall, as well as other rooms. Everyone also gets a private study to use as their home away from home.

There are two ranks for each gender. For ladies: a new hunter is called a Hunt Maiden, and a hunter veteran is called a Valkyrie. For Gentleman, newcomers are called Lads, and veterans are called Beowulfs.

The Mist Veil forest is a fictional place but is somewhere in the real worlds northern Europe, so characters can be from any real world country. Keep this in mind when making your characters.

Character sheets can be submitted in any form so long as it accurately portraits your character.

The first few hunts will be controlled in an NPC style by the Huntmaster, but I will start giving permission to other players who would like to run their own hunts should they decided that they want to. I would like to encourage anyone who has an idea for a hunt to share it so that we can all enjoy our ideas.

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1:Be polite
2. No God-Moding
3. You can only have one character per player unless you can convince me otherwise.
4. Be creative
5. Have Fun!

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Character Portrait: Enrico Schröder

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The carriage clattered along down the dirt road that lead into Mist Veil Forest. Enrico would occasionally look up from his book every now and then to see some shadowy forms moving in the dark fogs of the woods. Unconsciously his grip would tighten on the repeater rifle he held across his lap. He would be arriving soon, and he wondered if he would be the first one there, or if some others will be their waiting for him.

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