modern realisticKerrie Balazar

With my brother to guard me, I can do anything... Right?

a character in “I Guess I'm Just a Natural Born Killer”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Name: Kerrie Balazar (CherryBomb to her brother)
Age: 25
Relation To Cyrus: Cyrus's little sister
Appearance: Kerrie has curly, dirty blonde hair that brushes her shoulders. Her eyes are a pale blue, but not as penetrating as Cyrus's or the girls'. Her body type is petite. She only stands at five feet tall, and only weighs 90 pounds which makes her a stick of a person. She has only her ears pierced, but has three tattoos, one on her hip bone, of a snake wrapped around a person's body, one on her foot, of a cherry, and a rose growing over her right hand.
Normal Duties/Job: Kerrie works to get the family business up and running. She runs a call service for prostitutes and takes maybe a bit too much off the money the girls make, but it's all for the family.
History: Kerrie was still very young when her father's business was raided and she was taken away from the house. When CPS took her from her brother, she was placed into a foster home with a family that she considered crueler than her own. After too long being raped nightly, her dreams came true and her brother came to save her. She was more than happy to help him kill the family before he took her back. After that, she really never liked being away from him, and helped in any way that she could.
Random Facts: While she likes being violent with people that are tied up, she is extremely weak and couldn't overpower a single person. As a preemie baby, she doesn't think she has enough strength to do much of anything.


Kerrie is a timid person, content to peak around Cyrus's arm at danger instead of meeting it head on. She likes to read, and that has made her slightly more timid and shy.

So begins...

Kerrie Balazar's Story