I need you now, more than ever

I need you now, more than ever

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She's lived a normal life, growing up in a small town in Washington. Her parents are a little over protective but she figures that it's normal, being an only child. She's not really popular in school. She has one friend, her best friend. They've been friends since Kindergarten when he stuck up for her when a couple mean girls tried to steal her juice box. They've been friends ever since, and now they're practically inseparable. She goes over to his house after school sometimes, but her parents don't allow her to have friends over. She's been as happy as any normal teenager can be.
But that's all about to change when a school project makes her uncover a dark secret about her family.
They're not her family at all.

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Rebecca sighed quietly as she leaned against her locker waiting for Iggy since his locker was right next to hers. Mrs. Boone, her English teacher, had assigned them a 5 page research paper on Missing Children and the effectiveness of the Amber Alert System, letting them work in pairs. Obviously Becca had chosen Iggy as her partner. She didn't get the chance to talk to him after class, but was really hoping that he wouldn't have any plans for after school so they could get to work. Even though they have a month before the paper is due, Becca isn't the type of person to procrastinate, preferring to get it over and done with.

Rebecca ran a hand through her hair, glancing around. The halls were quickly emptying out as the students all scurried toward the exit, obviously not wanting to stick around any longer than they had to. Becca shifted her books from one hand to the other as she looked down at her feet. She's wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, actually the shirt was Iggy's, she just kind of borrowed it and never returned it because she felt so comfortable in it, and Iggy never really seemed to mind.


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Character Portrait: Rebecca Martin Character Portrait: Ignaas Baak

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Ignaas took notes on the current piece of history being instructed. It was a favorite topic of his. This particular part of history he was taking notes on concerned Eastern Europe. The Byzantines always interested him, since they were a people different from their Western European counterparts of the Medieval Era. With that class out of the way, Ignaas closed his books and went to the locker to grab his stuff. Once through the exit, he saw Rebecca, whom he walked up next to and smiled some.

"Hey, Becky! I guess you got that project to do? I can help, if you want."

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