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I Was a Butterfly

I Was a Butterfly

In the town of Butterfly Springs all is well and well mannered. Days are warm but not hot, food is good and always home cooked and the people are all friendly. Perfect, too perfect, and when and how did you get here?

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Topics: creature, eldritch, horror, original, psychological, and supernatural (Add Tags »)
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Welcome to Butterfly Falls, where the air is clean, the food is good, and there is never a "bad neighbor". Even the richest family in town, the Nachtes are a shining example of civility, as they should be, given it is their town. Even with all the money they have they are charitable and kindly donating to any and every good cause imaginable. In fact, they have offered you a place to live and charged you next to nothing to live here!

But... you already know this, you know a lot of things about this town, and the people, as if you've always lived here. But how can that be? You don't even remember being anywhere else prior, or maybe you do... but it is foggy. Wait, how did you get here? Attempts to try remembering causes pain, and wasn't there somebody else that lived next door a few days ago?

Maybe this town isn't as perfect as it wants you to believe. And sometimes it feels like something is watching from the shadows, vague glimpses of something tall and lanky, monstrous lurking, a strange grinning face in your dreams, piercing glowing amber eyes like lights on a car.

What is real..?


As against my norms, generally powers in this are extremely limited as this is intended as a psychological horror roleplay and that may take away from this. But bear in mind that this is also supernatural and some level of "skills" are allowed. No fire conjuring or super spell casting unfortunately, but passive things like mild extrasensory is allowable. Every supernatural horror has at least one so eh...

While I'm not going to give a heavy limit on races, I generally want human sized (or somewhat less) and nothing extremely extravagant... coming from the guy who creates almost exclusively creatures. Ah-hem. No godmodding as per usual like controlling the actions of another.

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Character Portrait: River Rose Cadence "Did you see... Never mind, how may I help you?"
Character Portrait: The Apparition The creature that some see briefly in dreams and as a seeming delusion.
Character Portrait: James Kennedy What the hell is wrong here?

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I Was a Butterfly

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