IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot


The highest honor for any Shinobi clan is to have any amongst them assigned to be the Imperial Seiryu's Emperor/Empress's shadow, ever vigilant for any and all threats.

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The Seiryu Empire,

Long has it prospered. Many Millenia ago, The Oni had ruled the land until the Great Ones in the heavens sent down a powerful magic, possessed by the First Emperor, to take them on. Many years passed in this bloody and terrible war, but eventually the Oni were driven back. They were sent to the deep places of the world and presumably beyond to pave the way for mankind to settle and create the beautiful Empire. Thus was the beginning of Seiryu was made real.

Thus as time went by, the Kingdom of Seiryu had to overcome internal challenges as well as outward challenges to survive as a thriving Empire by the Sea. For over four thousand years, Generations of the Imperial Line had lead the People with Wisdom and peace. Until one day, the current Emperor died unexpectedly. Leaving his Heir Apparent, the Crown Prince/Princess in line for the throne. However, on Coronation day, a Grave warning from a Dark and Dangerous cult emerged, threatening the Empire in the one Ancient threat long Conquered, or worse, Assassination.

However, those who lived in the shadows had heard the warning, and desperately, the Shinobi clans devised a Scheme to investigate both the cult and Protect the Imperial Highness at the same time. By assigning a Shinobi Bodyguard by way of the IGSD. The Imperial Guard Shinobi Division, and if need be, several may be assigned if the need is right.

But who knows if this Cult's Enigmatic Leader, who eyes for both the Empire and the New Emperor/Empress, shall be counting on them to do, and summon his Secret Weapon to his aide. The Oni themselves.


The New Emperor/Empress: Reserved By Almostinsane

Shinobi Bodyguard 1: Taken by Me.

Shinobi Bodyguard 2: Open

Shinobi bodyguard 3: Open

Servant 1: Open

Servant 2: Open

(More roles will be added if more come and are Interested, NPC cast members will show up here too (major not minor NPC's))

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1. No Godmodding (basic rule, Just follow it. That Goes for Mary Sues and Gary Stus too)

2. Anime Pictures in the Appearance Box is most Preferable. (No real life pics if possible.)

3. I want At least more then 4+ paragraphs Per Post. ( A Paragraph is 3-5 minimum Sentences. 6-7 Max.)

4. This is not a Naruto Roleplay. It does have some form of Magic Supernatural phenomena that will be explained in the story or the OOC if requested. No Jitsus or Kekki Genkai if you please.

5. Romance is optional! But keep it PG-13.

6. Have fun!

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Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

Cool. I should have my character up today or tomorrow. Hopefully today. :)

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

Sure thing. Give me a moment to expand the cast list depending on how many you get. :D

EDIt: and there we go!! Feel free to browse! ^.^

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

I invited a friend to join. I could invite more if you'd like. :)

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

No problem, also to any Others interested, I've put up two more roles for people to grab, if more come and ask me to make more spots by Reserve requests I shall do so within reason.

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

Possibly. I don't remember. Thanks. :)

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

Sure Almostinsane. Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?? Must've been from a past RP and I forget. But anyway, Emperor is reserved.

Re: IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

Can I take the Emperor please? :)

IGSD: Shinobi Guard Reboot

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