Nimaya Forlorn

Elven princess - "I must do what is right for my people"

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a character in “Imperial Romance”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Nimaya Forlorn
Nickname: Nim
Race: Elf
Kingdom: Lunaris
Role: Elven Princess


Personality: Nimaya is a girl of strong will, she does not like being pushed around by others even the slightest, but would do anything to help her people if it came down to it. She understands her place of duty and has devoted her entire life to doing what is best for her kingdom instead of what she wants.
She is very patient and kind to others always offering her help even if she may be hopeless at the task since she isn’t the best at doing delicate things. She enjoys training with her powers and hanging around the forest’s livelihood such as its animals and can often be found in areas with many trees. However within her heart she wants to be on the battle field with her people instead of being protected, she feels useless being kept away and wants to be of help to them with her strong affinity to the forest.

Short Bio: She loves her kingdom and father with great regard, however seeing her people suffer at the hands of war as made her heart ache. She has a bitter resentment towards humans from the empire as all she can do is watch the slaughter from the place her father has ordered her to stay in order to protect her from the bloodshed.
However she wants to fight, so when she heard that the Imperial heir was to be married and that her father wanted her to become a candidate she was sickened by the thought of marrying a man known as "the Wraith Prince". She considers him her enemy, however she understands that their marriage could end the war so Nimaya chose to push aside her own feelings and do what is best for her people.

Magic: She has trained herself well in the arts of her people’s fighting styles and has a strong affinity for the forests magic as whole trees will move under her command. She can have the roots of plants and their leaves move as she asks even sending messages to those that can understand it. However her abnormal strong affinity also means that she can understand an animals emotions as they do what she asks of them also if they feel compliant.

Other Supernatural abilities: Unknown

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