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A mysterious hacker, her path is her own.

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a character in “In Darkness I Have Walked”, as played by Edge


Normally found in a Nuns dress, in another time and place she would have been wearing designer labels.


Switft to anger and slow to forgive, London's Fog is very much her own person.


Another hacker from the last war, London’s Fog has felt no need to stop the work she began all those years ago. Sheltered by another group, she has sworn herself to the duty of guarding the secrets of the last war. Some of which are still capable of shaking the foundations of human thought and the advancement of technology.

So begins...

London's Fog's Story


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#, as written by Edge
LondonsFog sat at her desk as her fingers flickered over the diary she kept for research purposes. She had always been a researcher, always questioned the methods used and if they could be improved upon. But never did she question if it was right to use the method, if it was ethical. The method was a tool, no different from a scalpel or a microscope or keyboard used to program.

Now she sat at her desk, her fingers tracing over a frame with a shy smiling man. A long time ago the idea of a living breathing data base had ignited debates all over the world. Many of the debates heated and one-sided and the idea quickly died. And the creator of the idea was quickly written off and shuttered from lab to lab before fading altogether. But as the idea was dismissed in the scientific world, it had sparked intrigue in the hacker world.

The sharp eyes of LondonsFog read over several forums, hoping to spot an advantage and to catch up on what the local hacker groups worldwide were chattering about. She smiled as she read about a little server reboot in India. Apparently there was a youngster coming up the ranks by the name of Glitch, an appropriate name in London’s mind, as the reboot looked natural- enough that the technical teams of the bank that owned the server blamed it on normal maintenance. It made London feel old as she read about it. The one behind the reboot couldn’t be older than 25…. At 25 London had been fighting a losing war and planning to go into hiding- the same life she was living now.

A beep went off from her computer, indicating a new message. Frowning she signed on as a hidden user and saw who had spoken in the chat.

“Oh no…. No… you fool….” Quickly she checked the status of the user The Lorax….…Switzerland….

“LAN!” She gasped, “You’re a fool.” But for a moment her heart raced with joy, he was closer to her then he had been in years. If only… Then she read his words and a sense of shame came over her. “Oh Codec, you miss him terribly don’t you? But you don’t know how much it pained me that I couldn’t keep our vows. Not with Lotus. So long as Lotus exists, I cannot keep our vow.”

Standing, LondonsFog closed her computer and placed it under the bed in the proper box. Outside the bells rang, and for once London was glad to be called to prayers.

She needed time to heal.


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#, as written by Edge
LondonsFog sighed at her desk, fingers impatiently tapping on the keyboard as she browsed through the forums. Normally she didn’t pay much mind to the bragging’s of the under-hackers who thought too much of themselves. She hadn’t survived a war and gone into hiding to be drawn into the petty ranks that now made of most of the hacker community. It made it ache to think that once the world of computer hackers contained some of the brightest minds of the tech field was now reduced to squabbles over nothing.

Her eyes wandered to the picture frame on her desk, one of the sole possessions that she could say was hers, and hers alone. There were two pictured overlaid in the frame, the smaller, tucked in the corner of a man whose eyes conveyed so much unreturned love. The larger was of a steel capsule, the side door opened to reveal the body of a boy who had nothing to live for, yet she lived for this boy.

LondonsFog frowned as she read yet another post from Theo1 crowing over his achievements. She didn’t like the activity from this hacker; often he would pull help from other hackers to achieve his ends without giving credit or the hacker disappeared altogether.

However, what surprised her more was that the hacker he recruited this time was none other than Glitch for the latest game break out. How abnormal.

A message came up on LondonFog’s screen interrupting her thoughts. …. A German IP address. LondonsFog accepted the message.

LondonsFog: It’s not like you to reach out Jane.
JanesHand: I know… but after Codec’s warnings… I can only trust the secure channels. Listen, I’ve been keeping WrapedGun under watch… but have you seen Codec?

LondonsFog hesitated and then very slowly she began to type.

LondonsFog: Consider him dead. If my information is right, he’s sacrificed everything to keep you Second Gen’ers safe. No one will spare a man like Codec.
JanesHand: I thought he sounded frantic…. I thought he stopped. I thought…. Many things…. Maybe it’s too late for Codec… But I need your help. I’m worried about a new weapons program that’s come out under the guide of a game.

LondonsFog’s attention was caught, frowning she typed away.

LondonsFog: I’m listening….
JanesHand: No doubt you’ve heard of Glitch…. As much as he stays below the radar, his actions have always been to unstable systems where there more obvious flaws to hide his behind.
LondonsFog: You want me to save him…?
JanesHand: He’s a Second Gen’er, just like me. He doesn’t know how loud his actions really are… Nor do I doubt he’s working for someone else.
LondonsFog: Why is his story different from any other hacker’s?
JanesHand: I have reason to believe that he may have found a weapons mod or contact and is now trying to offload it and clean his tracks. If it truly does trace back to ISI…
LondonsFog: Nothing will bring back your brother, Jane… Gordon died for a good cause…. But I will help in this… So many more lives depend on this being nipped in the bud.
JanesHand: Thank you.

JanesHand logged off

LondonsFog sat for a few moments thinking and then her fingers swiftly began to type and research. This had to be clean cut, with nothing that would trace back to her.

Several VPN connections and networks later, LondonsFog sent a note to Glitch.

Hello Glitch,

It has come to my attention that you may be in possession of some rather sensitive material. I can help you in removing your tracks, in exchange, I want the files that were downloaded and the server information you found.

It will only be a matter of time before the ISI sends out their feelers to track you. I can cloud their judgment and distract them.
You need only to reply to this message.

This offer expires in six hours.



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Kaelyn stared at the screen. Her fingers were poised over the keys and they shook slightly. She had never been so far in over her head before and she realized that she didn’t know how to ask for this kind of help. Her stomach was churning.

These people are your comrades, your community. They will help one of their own. Come on Kae....

Fingers twitched, tears stung her eyes.

It was one of my own that got me into this fucking mess.

She hated people. Hated being around them. They just wanted something from her, lied to her, tricked her and screwed her over. Online, there, it was different. She had found friends or so she had thought. Kaelyn realized that Theo1 had used her, had likely been getting close to her just for this reason and he screwed her over now. Ryan had been right. He had been right all along.

People are all the same.

Her head turned slightly and Kae looked over her shoulder at the man on her bed. He was sitting in his usual spot in the shadows but he seemed to be a sitting a bit straighter, perhaps more tense.

Not all people.

Ryan was an exception and Kae knew it. He wasn’t using her for something, didn’t want anything. He did however have a job to do so it made it different. There was more than that though, there had been for a long time now. She looked down at her lap.

This is bad. I have to fix this. I don’t care if they come after me but they will....he will...

Kaelyn dropped her face into her hands and tried to choke back her tears. Her shoulders shook slightly.

On the screen conversations were flying by. Theo1’s message was being talked about, circulated and the nature of what “it” was was being speculated on. Some already knew. There were insiders who knew that Ligmata had ties to government and military. It was those people who would be the biggest threat. ISI already had wind of this, Kae was sure. Ryan was sure. Theo1 was the only one cocky enough to think he was bulletproof.

Kae wiped her eyes and looked up. A new site was up and people were taking bets on how long before ISI got Theo1 and anyone associated with him.

Her stomach lurched. Like piranhas at the smell of blood. Even the lowest of script kiddies had come out to mock and gawk at what was sure to be the death of a fellow hacker.

“Whatever happened to looking out for each other? What happened to working together? When did we start to turn on each other so much?” Her hands clenched. “I hate people.”

She opened her hands and began typing. She pulled up a few secured chatrooms.

Ryan had turned quietly and was watching her reactions, seeing her fear and anger. He frowned at her words, "Find the people you can trust and they won't turn on you. There is more than hate."

Kaelyn shifted in her chair to face Ryan. “I don’t know if there is anyone I can trust. I thought...I thought I could but....”

She shook her head and choked on the rest of her words. “I will fix it. I said I would and I will pay someone to fix it for me if I have to. I can’t trust anyone.”

Ryan sighed, "No one? Understood. I will give you as much time as I can with Patrice."

Kaelyn froze. Her back straightened and she slowly turned around. “I’m...I’m sorry Ryan. I didn’t mean you. I trust you and I trust that you will do what you need to do.” Her stomach was in a knot. Her eyes watered again. “I didn’t mean you....” Her voice dropped.

Ryan nodded, "Okay. Sorry I doubted."

He took a step toward her and paused, "I will do what I need to do to make sure you stay safe."

Her heart was pounding. Kae locked eyes with Ryan for a moment. She could feel her body shaking. She looked up at the screens. Fingers moved quickly on keyboard. She felt better and a new resolve set in.

She saw a few names she recognized.

Glitch:JanesHand if you had to clean up something....

Kaelyn spent the next twenty minutes asking for help without telling JanesHand what exactly the help was. She did her best to skirt the issue but get as much information as she could.

In the end though she wasn’t that much further ahead. The problem was bigger than Kaelyn or any one hacker could handle. Kaelyn closed the chats down and slumped in the chair.

“I don’t know what to do. I talked to someone I thought I trusted but I can’t do this on my own and I don’t know anyone who can do it. If I poke too much it will let everyone know I was tied to this.”

Kaelyn ran a hand through her hair. “Ryan...I’m scared.” She looked over at him.

Ryan looked back grimly, "Good. Shows me you're taking this seriously. Getting help is good. I can't help you in there, but I will make sure you are secure while you are with me."

Kaelyn nodded but looked unsure. “I don’t think help will come. No one is going to come near me on this.”

She inhaled and looked at Ryan. “I need you to make sure it is fast. Please? Don’t let ISI get me.”

Standing she crossed to Ryan. ‘Promise me. You said I had very little time and it is running out fast. Promise me Ryan.” She stared at him.

Ryan was surprised by her directness and taken off guard, "Promise what? I... No! What? I am making sure you stay safe. This has nothing to do with anything else."

Her mouth set itself into a straight line. ‘You have a job to do and you won’t be able to stop ISI from getting me. I screwed up and you have to promise me that you won’t let them take me. You will do it.”

Kaelyn climbed onto the bed next to him and grabbed his hand. “Ryan. Promise me please.”

Ryan looked her in the eye, "My job is to keep you safe. That is what I am doing."

“And kill me if I become a liability.” She locked on his eyes. “We both know it. So promise me.”

Her computer dinged with an incoming email but Kaelyn ignored it. She refused to move.

"I determine when you are a liability. Patrice is not here and I don't plan on telling him what's going on. You will clean it up and he won't know. If he finds out we will make sure you are not a liability. End of discussion."

Ryan stood up and moved to the window.

Kaelyn clamoured off the bed after him. “Ryan you will put yourself at risk if you wait. I can’t clean it up.” Her lip trembled. “Ryan please....”

Ryan turned and gave her a hard look, "My risk is my choice. You will clean it up because you are that good and I will not be put in a position where I will have to refuse orders."

She was shaking. Kae looked away, unable to meet his eyes. He thought she was going to be able to fix it but she had never felt more useless in her life. Her eyes locked on her screen, at the email that was waiting.

Hello Glitch,

It has come to my attention that you may be in possession of some rather sensitive material. I can help you in removing your tracks, in exchange, I want the files that were downloaded and the server information you found.

It will only be a matter of time before the ISI sends out their feelers to track you. I can cloud their judgment and distract them.

You need only to reply to this message.

This offer expires in six hours.



“Ryan.” She breathed out his name. Her knees buckled a little. “How....”

"See. You will do what you need to do to secure your online safety. I will ensure your physical safety." He grinned slightly, "I got the better end of the deal."

Kae turned and looked at him, a slight look of confusion on her face. She honestly didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Her eyes went from Ryan to the screen and then back again. “I have to answer that.”

"Yes, you do. Go."

She scrambled to her chair. She couldn’t understand how LondonsFog had found out about her or the trouble she was having but there it was.

”I have something. I accept.”

Her finger poised above the enter key. It is too short, I should say more. I should...

Before she lost her courage she hit the button. Relief and fear rushed through her. Kae turned in her chair and launched herself at Ryan. She made contact and held onto him, crying.

Ryan stumbled as she jumped at him. His initial defensiveness to push her away was quelled quickly as he was overwhelmed with the feeling of her body pressed against his. She was softer that he expected. Her hair smelled intoxicating. He was stunned and paused for seconds before finally realizing it would be good form to put his arms around her.

Kaelyn felt Ryan’s arms move around her and buried herself more into his chest crying, every emotion rushed out of her at him. She cried until there were no more tears, until she was simply trying to catch her breath and gasping against him. Her body felt exhausted.

“I’m sorry....” She hid her face in his shirt. She made a small sound like a hiccup.

"No. Don't be. Thank you. Obviously there is at least one person you do trust."

“I got your shirt all wet.” Kae paused and looked up at him. “I do trust you.”

Her eyes drooped a little. “I have to wait and see if LondonsFog gets back to me....”

"Then we will take care of it. A wet shirt is a small price. I'll change."

Kae nodded but her head rested heavily against Ryan’s chest. Slowly she pulled away from the comfort of his arms and sat back in her chair. She waited for a response, for notice that she should send the information and where. It wasn’t long before she nodded off, head on the desk.

Ryan sighed. A familiar routine for him began as he moved her into her bed and covered her up. He stepped back to the window, deep in thought. He was not one to defy orders. Yet he had no doubt how he would act if Patrice found out.


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#, as written by Edge

Sister Cain sat at her desk, pen in hand as she wrote what she hoped would be a letter of heartfelt farewell. She paused as she looked into the lower courtyard. Able’s pet has come back from another mission. Sister Cain frowned as she watched the deadly angel make her way to the armory. Able depended too much on the child’s prowess in her opinion. Still, she was not as dangerous as some of the other monsters that still slept. Sister Cain’s pen went back to the script before her and finished another line.

The sister then sighed and folded the letter. She could say no more. It was time to leave, the wind had changed course. Still... A Guardian’s work was never complete and she could find no more rest here in the shadows. Too much had changed to ensure the safety of the sleeping children. .

Rising to her feet, Sister Cain left her room, her long black skirts sweeping over the stonework of the old monastery. She went down the narrow stairs away from the nun’s private rooms and around a corner where there was an old storage shed. No one paid it any mind, the contents were generally known to be old artifacts and books in need of repair. Due to the lack of glory in the work, few agreed to do it. This suited Sister Cain as she entered, her key turning the old bolt soundly and whisper quiet. That had been the first task when she had first arrived and found the old storage unit.

Small amounts of dust came up with each step as Sister Cain went to the very little explored back rooms. Paintings, statues, old volumes of doctrines long forgotten, and old alters that once adored the many chapels were all forgotten here. Normally Sister Cain would have dusted them, oiled the woods, and cleaned them as best she could, but not today. In the very back corner, hidden from view, was one last alter. Sister Cain looked at the altar and then bowed before it. On it was a picture of a man she had once knew and loved dearly.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, “I’m sorry I could not save your daughter, your Lotus... But, she lives. I know she does.” she took another breath, “I’m sorry that I drove him away. You would be proud to know he did not abandon your teachings as I had.” The picture remained silent to the confession. “But I can still save one child, and that child in turn can save Lotus.

Sister Cain bowed again and moved the picture frame to a small table beside the altar. She then placed her hands on the marble of the altar and pushed in three ivory carvings that were inset into the stone.

The stone groaned and moved as it gave up it’s secrets, revealing a capsule. Sleeping inside was the body of a boy, no more than eight.

Sister Cain smiled and lovingly placed her hands on the capsule.

“Kyoto,” she whispered and placed her forehead against the glass. “I promise soon you’ll be free.” Then she moved over to the computer placed beside the capsule.

It was time and Sister Cain sat beside the capsule. Fingers landed on the keyboard, seconds later.

Londonsfog typed furiously, her fingers fluttering as over the keys as she delved deeper over the information that was being uploaded.

She had sent the instructions to the second Gen hacker, Glitch, on the address to upload to. From there London would split the files and then retransmit them across several servers before using remote software to view the files. If they were the genuine deal then she would consider making a hard copy. But until anything was verified, she would treat it as a possible threat. The thought made London’s head hurt. Even she would eventually feel the strain of what she had to do, on top of the already dangerous game she was playing with ISI.

They would find Lan and take him- ironically, ISI was the only organization who could offer the protection Lan would need. And even more so, they had the tools he would need to keep the sleeping children, asleep. London sighed and rubbed her forehead in the glow of her screen. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep playing. Not when she was making the decisions by herself and trusted so few with being able to carry out the instructions. ISI couldn’t know how many veterans of the last war still brewed over their losses and still remembered that it was ISI that wiped out their friends as examples. But she knew and that number dwindled as the vets became complacent. No longer strong enough enough to be a threat, she was alone. Oh so alone.

Carefully, she typed out a response,


You are to take the following steps:

You are to upload to the following server linked in this email.
You are then to remove your hard drive and destroy it. Physically. Anything less will not be accepted.

You are then to go dark.


There will be a plane ticket by the name of Sam White soon. Take it. You will meet the Hands of Jane and from there be granted safety.

Failure to follow these instructions will void any promise of safety I can offer.

Our Vows have been Broken. Our Colors have been changed.

We have become Legion"


London sat back looking at the email. It would have to do. Even if it meant working with a 2nd gen.

Lan aka Codec

The darkness. It pushed into his mind in all directions and there was no stopping the force that weighed in on him.

Nothingness. It pressed against him in a way he didn’t think was possible. Thick fabric
separated him from the rest of the world and his ability to see, causing panic to shoot
through his veins. Lan closed his eyes, trying to establish some sort of breathing pattern-
his bindings too tight to think about making an escape. Not that he had anywhere to go.

He had known he would be caught; they all would be caught one day. Hadn’t he been told that
enough when he fought so many years ago? He struggled against his bindings as his
darkest fears caught hold of him. What would they do to him? If they wanted him dead,
they would have already ended his life.

Lan struggled with his bindings, earning himself another kick from his captors if he struggled too much. Still little by little, he was able to press his fingers against the floor of the transport. He tried to guess what the craft might be, the fight in Switzerland too brief for him to remember much, other than the rough hands and the barks of commands. Lan swallowed another wave of panic and focused on the vibrations. Aircraft. There wasn’t anything that suggested terrain.

Try and think of a plan. Even as the voices in his past crept back to haunt him, Lan wondered who might have put his captors on his tail. The list of possibilities were few and a sickening feeling of how much he didn’t want to know cause him to dry cough and heave. It drove him to near physical sickness as Lan curled up on the floor of the craft. Friendless and helpless as the captors took him to their prison.

God only knew what they wanted.