In It To Win It

In It To Win It

Everyone wants to be the next big thing. Well, maybe this is your chance. The chance to be the best Kpop singer in all of South Korea!

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In It to Win It
"I'm here to win and win is what I will do."
Everyone wants to be the next big thing, right? Well, maybe this is your chance. The chance to be the best Kpop singer in all of South Korea! Seungli High School is given the chance to hold a talent showcase hosted by BE Family Entertainment to find the next best Kpop group. You can be anything. A singer, dancer, maybe even a solo artist. Or maybe you are a just a trainee who never made it big. Just make sure you are the best! But watch out, you are probably not the only person wanting to win that chance. You are going to have to step up your game if you want to win! And to make it even better, Kim Kora will be there to judge!


  • Please use the Posting Skeleton when posting. It'll make things easier.
  • Reservations only last 24 hours, okay?
  • No god-modding. No one likes a character who is perfect in too many ways.
  • Be nice to everyone, I don't want any fights, you hear?
  • Post daily, if you cannot or having personal problems, PM me.
  • When posting, post a good lengthy post. Word Count should be over 200.
  • Swearing is also encouraged, but not all the time. Don't say them repetitively.
  • When making your profile, use the character skeletons. I will not approve your character if you don't use it.
  • The will be romance in this roleplay, but remember not to be very explicit. Don't want any rule-breaking here.
  • When your RP is going towards steamy and 'private', please switch to PMs.
  • Warning, there is going to be many different types of romance in this roleplay. Homophobia will not be welcomed here.
  • Please have a icon for your character, I don't have a reason why, but I just like the icons to be there. But if you can't get one, it's okay.
  • This is a somewhat advanced roleplay. If you don't know how to use the codes that are given below, please leave.
  • To make sure you have read the rules, please put down BLUE for the password part on the character skeleton.
  • This is a Korean Roleplay. Meaning, face claims need to be Korean.
  • Please, for the love of Shisus, please read these rules.
  • Have fun!

  • The RP will start off with all the students coming to school.
  • The Talent Showcase flyers were given the day before, so the rules about the hair dying was yesterday also.
  • So the students will be coming in with their desired hair style and or color.
  • The Talent Showcase is one month from now, so everyone starts practicing at that moment.
  • Some characters know each other, some of them don't.
  • Remember, Korean schools don't like colored hair, but they will let it slide for the talent showcase, but only for that. If you don't win, you will have to dye your hair back to black or brown.
  • School building looks like this.
  • Classrooms look like this.
  • Gym looks like this.
  • Cafeteria looks like this.
  • Outside cafeteria area looks like this.
  • School stage looks like this.
  • School uniforms look like this and this.
  • BE Family Entertainment Talent Showcase Stage looks like this.
  • Kim Kora is BE Family Entertainment's number one solo artist. She is sounds like ANDAMIRO.
  • No Woohyun is Kora's manager.
  • Boy 1 sounds like SE7EN.
  • Girl 1 sounds like NS Yoon-G.
  • KING sounds like U-Kiss.
  • D.E.L.T.A sounds like SPICA.
  • Seeing DOUBLE sounds like Orange Caramel (with a guy voice added in there XD).
  • The rest will be determined by us~!

No Woohyun
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
He also used to be a idol, but his group disbanded when he was younger. He is the manager of Kim Kora. He can be a bit of a scatterbrain, but everyone loves his friendliness. He can be serious, but no one hardly takes him seriously. He's known to do corny jokes and stupid pranks, but no one can never catch him in the making. NPC.
Face Claim/Hee Jun Moon from H.O.T.

Kim Ko-Ra - Kim Kora
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
Kora is a strong singer who can sing pretty much any note. She is sexy, but she can be cute also. She has many faces so that she won't get hurt from untrustworthy people. She may look like she's indifferent, but she is full of charisma and excitement. She loves her job and can't wait for the talent showcase to take place. NPC.
Face Claim/GN.A

Ahn Junhi - Jun
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
He is one the smartest students in his grade. Hides his beautiful eyes behind his glasses and his hidden talents quiet. He actually has a soothing and strong voice that no one knows about. Not even his best friend knows. Hearing about the Talent Showcase makes him want to show everyone that he too can be a idol. Best friends with Jin Ae, used to be in love with Sang-Hee, falls for Seong.
Face Claim/Kiseop from U-Kiss

Yu Jin Ae - Jin Jin
[Taken by BleedingLover]
She is one of the most popular kids at her school. Her intelligence is average, but her looks and voice make up for it. She has always wanted to be a star, a singer on stage singing to her fans. She always would tell her fantasy to her best friend and he was the only one who told to go for it. What she didn't know was that he wanted to be a singer too. Best friends with Junhi, sister of Seong, used to be in love with Junhi, falls for Jaewon.
Face Claim/Krystal from f(x)

Lee Jaewon - Jaewon
[Taken by arteech0kee]
He's strong and what you would call the school's rebel. He is smart when he actually studies and does what he is supposed too. Would rather do what he wants than do what others tell him to do. His voice is quite soft for guy like him, but very strong. Best friends with Hyunbin & Seong, falls for Jin Ae.
Face Claim/Himchan from B.A.P.

Kim Hyunbin - Hyunbin
[Taken by akashi]
Just as bad as Jaewon, though he is actually pretty quiet and keeps to himself. Sometimes he'll pop out of nowhere and scare off his best friends, but it's all with love. Best friends with Jaewon & Seong, falls for Hwayoung.
Face Claim/Yong Junhyung from B2ST

Yu Seong - Seong
[Taken by Leon21]
Because he's the younger one, he not that bad. Scared that he would get hurt, he does whatever the others tell him too. You could say he's a bully victim, but he really isn't. He just a bit anxious. Really obedient. Best friends with Jaewon & Hyunbin, brother of Jin Ae, falls for Junhi.
Face Claim/Taemin from SHINee

Bang Hwayoung - Hana
[Taken by arteech0kee]
She is what you would call the queen bee. Not as popular as Jin Ae, but wishes to be. She and her clique are the bullies of the school, you could say. Has a witty comeback for any statement thrown at her. Best friends with Da-Eun, doesn't like Heeyoung & Sol-Bi, sister of Heeyoung, falls for Hyunbin.
Face Claim/Gyuri of KARA

Jung Da-Eun - Jung-Ah
[Taken by akashi]
She only puts up with Hwayoung because they are childhood friends. She doesn't like how she has changed, but she can't help, but follow her through her ways. Best friends with Hwayoung & Heeyoung, used to be in love with Jaewon & Hyunbin, falls for Sol-Bi.
Face Claim/Yubin from Wonder Girls

Bang Heeyoung - Sun
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
A rebel who doesn't know why she is part of a girl group. She doesn't really want to be a idol, but she joins for the fun. Who knows what will happen. Best friends with Da-Eun & Sol-Bi, sister of Hwayoung, has a boyfriend from another district.
Face Claim/Nicole from KARA

Choi Sol-Bi - Rose
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
A pretty girl who threatened to be in this group. Her voice is pretty good, but she's too embarrassed of her voice. Doesn't like being bullied, but she's too afraid to speak up. Best friends with Heeyoung, helps get Junhi & Seong together, falls for Da-Eun.
Face Claim/IU

!!!Seeing DOUBLE!!!
Kang Sang-Hee - Bayu
[Taken by BleedingLover]
A girl who is just bursting with energy and adorableness. She's pretty loud and usually acts before thinking, but that's just her thing and no one can stop her. She really stubborn. Best friends with Xiumin, used to be in love with Junhi, falls for Xiumin.
Face Claim/Ailee

Oh Xiumin - Xiu
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
He's a real pushover, but he'll do anything for Sang-Hee. He what you would call a nice guy. He's had a crush on Sang-Hee since they were kids, but was too afraid of rejection. Best friends with Sang-Hee, tried to be in love with Hwayoung, falls for Sang-Hee.
Face Claim/Minwoo from Boyfriend

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors

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Character Portrait: NPC Character Portrait: Ahn Junhi Character Portrait: Bang Heeyoung Character Portrait: Oh Xiumin Character Portrait: Yu Jin Ae Character Portrait: Choi Sol-Bi

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Kim Ko-Ra - Kim Kora

"...And as we said, Seungli High School is having the honor of holding the BE Family Entertainment Talent Showcase, which will be taking place one month from now. I'm sure those kids are practicing until that day. Now onto the weather..."

Kim Kora turned her TV off with a bright smile on her face. I can't wait either...

Ahn Junhi - Jun

The sound of an alarm clock going off was loud, but was turned off as a person slammed it to stop. Junhi slowly opened his eyes, the sunlight in his room was hurting them a lot. He blinked before rubbing the sleep out of them and grabbing for glasses on his night stand. He put them on as he threw his covers over his body, getting out of bed and heading to his bathroom. He quickly took a shower, wanting to get to school before Jin Ae got there. Thinking about Jin Ae made him depressed, knowing that she was going to be really upset when she sees his newly dyed and styled hair. He sighed as he got out of the shower, drying is body off and nicely wrapping it around his waist. He walked out of his bathroom back to his bedroom in which he opened his closet to take out his school uniform. He put on his uniform, making sure everything was in its right place before heading back to the bathroom.

"I hope she isn't too mad at me..." Junhi sighed once more as he dried his now sandy brown hair and brushing it neat. After styling it perfectly, he took off his thick glasses and put on just a hint of eyeliner before putting his glasses back on. He smiled rather sad into the mirror before deeming his appearance worthy enough for the whole school to see. By the time he got to the kitchen, his mother was quietly humming to herself as she was putting a small breakfast on the table. "Oh! Already ready for school? Eat something before you go,"she said with her melodic voice. He always loved his umma's voice, seeing as she was a singer so her voice had to be beautiful. "Thank you, umma." He prayed before politely grabbing some food onto his empty plate. He ate his breakfast rather quickly, wanting to get to school before he was late. "Thank you again, umma. The food was delicious. See you after school!" His mother smiled and waved as he ran out of the kitchen, grabbing his school bag. He put his shoes on before going out the door, leisurely jogging to school.

Walking into the school yard, Junhi looked around at the other student. Looking at everyone's new appearances, he felt even more nervous confronting Jin Ae. Where is she? I hope she isn't mad...

[OOC: The NPC's will be played by me, but they will not be roleplayed until the talent showcase comes up. And I shall post my other characters later. I have to go to bed.]

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Character Portrait: Bang Hwayoung Character Portrait: Lee Jaewon

0.00 INK

Bang Hwayoung

School, another day to waste instead of being someone big in the industry, well, that what Hwayoung thought. She had woken up earlier for school that day, well, especially since she found out about the competition that was happening. Apparently, she overheard a few kids already saying that they were going to color their hair and prepare for the Talent Showcase that was announced not too long ago. She prepared to actually be part of some group, even though she didn't sing or rap as well as the others that she knew about, she still wanted to participate and show off the dance skills that she had proudly showcased in other competitions. While getting out of bed, she pushed her feet into a pair of grey fluffy slippers and snatched a hair tie from her side table, just next to her alarm clock, and tied her chocolate brown hair down the left side of her head. She pushed herself off the bed and adjusted her large black shirt that she had worn as her pajamas before she fixed her bed. Hwayoung then pushed her hands up in the air and let out a yawn, her back slightly made a cracking noise while she made her way to the door of her room and walked out.

"Good morning Umma, Appa," Hwayoung bowed her head and took a seat at the table to join them for breakfast. Throughout breakfast, she didn't speak, she continued to think more and more about what she would do for the showcase and how much of a pain it would be to put up with a few people for the sake of it, which included her Sister, Heeyoung. Due to their difference, their lack of Sisterly-Bond and interaction, Hwayoung's look towards her Sibling was nothing more than someone who lived under the same roof and was an offspring of the same Parents. Once her Sister joined them for breakfast, Hwayoung finished her meal and went to shower to avoid any conversation as she didn't like to quarrel about anything in the morning. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and bathe and prepare for school. Staring at the mirror, she sighed at the sight of the dark blue blazer that covered her frame and made the illusion that she had broader shoulders and flatter chest. She finished buttoning up the blazer and walked out of her room with her plain black shoulder school bag neatly hung from her left shoulder and brushed passed her Parents towards the door. "Umma, Appa, I'm leaving now," She softly spoke. "Heeyoung-ya, hurry up!" She yelled, her voice completely changed as she pushed the door open and she walked out to meet the touch of the sunlight. She caught sight of a few students already passing by.

Throughout the walk to school, Hwayoung only listened to her Sister talk. Well, she didn't listen to everything that was said because she ended up listening to the other students that walked nearby talk about the upcoming Talent Showcase and the rumored threats that could end up with her loss at the competition. There were already a few that she knew would have a chance, but she couldn't let them take that away from her.

"I'll see you later, Heeyoung-ya," She told her Sister as she wandered away to her group of friends, although she didn't really like some of them, they were the only ones who managed to put up with her either way. Her best friend was still out of sight though, but she stole glances with some of the other students who were rumored to be taking part. 'Game on,' She thought to herself, a smirk curved at the corner of her lips.


Lee Jaewon

"Woo-ya! Get out of bed! You're going to be late!" His Sister called. It wasn't surprising that Lee Jaewon woke up late again. Ever since he heard about the showcase, he had been staying up late thinking about the songs he wanted to sing and what type of lyrics he would write, and add in the after-school study sessions that he was always in, he ended up with a really late bed time. The night before, he actually slept at four in the morning, and it was already seven, which made him only sleep for three hours. He groaned under his pillow and denied the idea of getting out of bed.
"Woo-ya!" His Sister's voice was actually so close that he could be deaf if she got any closer. Jaewon lifted his pillow from his face and mumbled, "Noona, can you say that I'm sick today?"
"I can't, besides, didn't you say that you want to go find Hyunbin-ssi and Seong-ssi?" She reminded him as she walked out of his room. Jaewon merely blinked as his eyes met face to face with the cute puppy and kitten poster that he stuck on the rooftop so that it was the first thing he saw whenever he woke up, and as he knew he would react, he cooed at the sight and smiled so innocently as he winked at the poster. He even greeted it a cheerful, 'Good Morning', and if anyone had seen him that way, then he would definitely be embarrassed, although everyone probably knew of his obsession to cute animals.

After breakfast, he told his Parents that he would take his bike to school as he didn't want to be driven to school by his Father again after he was being teased for being rich. Seungli High School students probably knew who his Family was anyway, but he was still a bit self-conscious about his identity that he occasionally denied it. He had to rush to the door to get out of being talked into being driven to school. Jaewon took a blue and white striped cap from his backpack and placed it firmly on the top of his head to hide his identity as he ran for a few blocks before he hopped on his bike, and he began to cycle through the side of the road. There were students around, a few girls that he winked towards, and some guys who called for him to wait, but he didn't. Jaewon made it to school after twenty minutes, and before he entered the school, he stopped just before the gate to take off his cap. His black hair waved left and right while he shook his head to flick away the feeling of having his hair being tamed after being covered by the cap for twenty minutes. He wrestled his fingers through his hair and flicked the ends of it to leave the untamed look. He pushed his cap into his backpack and cycled towards the bicycle ports where he hooked and chained his bike.

"Morning," Jaewon greeted the students in the classroom. His eyes looked closed as they curved while he smiled. He wandered to his seat and landed his bottom on it. His seat was located right in the middle of the second row, due to the teachers thinking he lacked the attention when he was placed by the window. Jaewon took out the books he needed and dangled his bag to the side. He then took out his red-cased cellphone with Doraemon dangling as a phone chain, he pressed the screen of his phone and sent a message to his best friends, Hyunbin and Seong, whom he had completely forgotten to meet up with in the morning. "If you need me, I am in the classroom," He told them through a text message. His head then looked left and right before he landed his head flat on top of the pile of books and his eyes closed. With a few minutes to spare, he decided to take a nap.

Typical Lee Jaewon.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kim Hyunbin

0.00 INK

#, as written by akashi
Kim Hyunbin- Jay

"Ya! I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME INTO MY ROOM," Hyunbin yelled as his sister, HyunJi, who just rolled her eyes. What a disrespectful brat. "Umma told me to wake you up," she replied, adding an attitude as she placed a hand on her hip. "You're supposed to walk me to my school and I don't want to be late because of you." Groaning loudly, the older sibling rolled over to the side, waving his hand in a shooing motion. "Okay, get out."

"Not until you get up, oppa."

"Do you want to die?"

"I'm too young to die, and I'm gonna tell umma you said that to me."

"Oh my god, I'm so scared."

"Get up!!!!"

"Get out first!"


Glaring at his sister, Hyunbin got out of bed, and lifted his shirt to show he was going to take it off. His sister made a shrieking noise and ran out of the room, slamming door. "UMMA! HYUNBIN OPPA IS BEING A BYEONTAE!" she yelled. Well sorry for trying to undress in his own bedroom. Locking the door with a roll of his eyes, Hyunbin walked into the bathroom in his room to take a morning shower. His sister should show some respect if she wants him to walk her to school.

His bathroom was soon filled with the smell of sweet strawberry as he turned off the water and stepped out. With a towel around his waist and hair dripping with water, the teen grabbed his hair dryer and lazily went about fixing his hair. Once it was nicely combed, he walked out of the bathroom and pulled out his school uniform. Before leaving his room, he made sure he had his cellphone in his pocket and his mp3 with the headphones around his neck. Nodding as he did a last check up on the mirror, he headed downstairs, greeted with the smell of his mother's cooking.

"Morning, umma," he said as he picked up a sausage with his hand and dropping it in his mouth.

"Ew, can you not," his sister snapped.

"Umma, do you hear something? I think a rat came into our house."

"Hyunbin-ah, be nice," his mother warned.

"Well tell your dear daughter to stop being a brat and maybe I'll consider it."

His sister rolled her eyes and he mimicked her as he sat down for breakfast. He ate half a bowl since his stomach wasn't as strong during the morning and got up. "I'm giving you three seconds to finish your food, dwaeji." His sister made that annoying whining sound to their mom and he earned a nice smack on the back. "Ow!" Sighing, he ended up waiting another five minutes before heading out of the house. His day always started out like this; his sister starting the stupid arguments first. After dropping his sister off, he walked to his school, getting a message from his friend, Jaewon.

"I thought we were-- urgh, whatever." Sending a short reply saying 'okay' he hurried into the school building and entered the classroom.

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Character Portrait: Ahn Junhi Character Portrait: Yu Seong Character Portrait: Yu Jin Ae

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Waking up to the sound of her Big Bang alarm, Jin Ae groaned as she heard the song, Bad Boy fill her room before she finally got her butt up and decided to get ready. Slipping out of her bed, Jin walked to her rather small sliding closet and grabbed out her freshly ironed uniform that she had to iron the previous night. She walked into the restroom and started to curl her hair in loose natural looking curls. Which took her around ten minutes and then had to do her make up, she never left her room with wearing two things, eyeliner and lip gloss. Not even when she was having a lazy day. As she did it she started to think about her best friend. And how he had been acting a bit strange. She would have to ask him about it once she got to school. But, she lost her thoughts after almost poking her eye out with her black eyeliner pencil. She had to catch herself from cursing so early in the morning, which she did a lot of. But, she promised her family that she would try to stop.... main word being try.

After finishing her make up. Jin walked out of her room grabbing her Big Bang backpack and slipping on her shoes. Walking into the hallway. She knocked on her brother's door softly, hoping to walk him up. "Seong, wake up! Time for school." she said knowing it probably woke him up, but if it didn't.... Oops. But, she had to get herself to school. She looked at the time and cursed in her head. Crap. She loved getting there early so that she had the chance to just talk with Jun hi. She ran into the kitchen to grab her portible cup for her daily dose of coffee. Once pouring it and putting cream and sugar making it a light carmel color. Jin Ae walked out the door saying good bye to her parents and sighing. "Don't be late, Pixie" She said loud enough to be heard from her brother's room. She smirked as she walked out the door to school. they lived close enough to where their parents felt safe that nothing would happen. She walked to school with her headphones in listening to, what other than... SHINee actually. Which was a strange sight seeing that she was a V.I.P through and through. But, she liked a change anyway. She sung along to their song, Lucifer as she walked into the enterance.

She looked around for her best friend before someone caught her eye. The same glasses, the same stance, but... what was up with his hair? Then she started to get it. Not as fast as most but, by the time she walked over to him with a raised eyebrow. She got it. She looked at him up and down before speaking kind of angry that he just didn't tell her, but mostly out of shock and surprise that he would try out for the showcase after she was raving about song ideas she was thinking of using. She strached behind her peirced ear as she started to think of the right words that wouldn't make her sound too bitchy. "Why didn't you just tell me you were trying out? I mean, is it difficult to just say five words 'I'm thinking of trying out'?" Ok, a little bitchy, but she didn't know what else to say.

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Character Portrait: Ahn Junhi Character Portrait: Bang Hwayoung Character Portrait: Bang Heeyoung Character Portrait: Oh Xiumin Character Portrait: Yu Jin Ae Character Portrait: Kang Sang-Hee Character Portrait: Choi Sol-Bi

0.00 INK

Ahn Junhi - Jun

Junhi was still nervous as ever just wandering around for Jin Ae, but he didn't wait long because she was right next to him. He noticed her scratching behind her ear, knowing that she always did that when she was trying not to sound bitchy. Yep, she's mad. He gave her an awkward smile and immediately apologized. "I'm s-sorry..." He sighed as his palms were sweating. They were best friends, but even best friends have to fight once in a while, right? He knew they would always fight on who they liked better in Big Bang, but those were just playful bouts. This was a actual quarrel and one that made him nervous as hell. "It's just...t-this has been your dream for years! I-I thought if I told would g-get mad...,"he continued to use his stutter, but since this cat was already out of the bag, he might as well stop using it. It was time to tell her...maybe. "But it seems that you are mad anyway..." He glance away a bit, not liking the aura that they were giving off since other students were kind of backing away from them and whispering to others. "...can we just forget about it and not fight?" Now the awkward glances that they were getting from the others were starting to get to him.

Then he heard music still coming from Jin Ae's headphones. He quickly gave her a smile before playfully nudging her. "And I thought you were a V.I.P.? Tsk tsk...guess I'll have to tell G-Dragon that you don't like him anymore..." He was only joking, knowing that she and even him liked to listen to other groups sometimes. Hopefully, that was good enough to distract her from the showcase for now. He cleared his throat, not used to actually talking at school without his stutter. He knew Jin Ae would catch on, but until then, his singing voice will be a secret.

Bang Heeyoung - Sun

Heeyoung yawned when she woke up, still tired from the late night phone call to her boyfriend. "Ahh...Woonie Oppa, I love you." She smiled, looking over at the picture of him on her nightstand before getting out of bed. She didn't do anything to her bed, it wasn't that messy, so she'll do it later. She hummed quietly as she got her school uniform out of her closet. She took a quick shower, admiring her now long, layered, golden blond hair. She loved the color of it even though her parents didn't know about. She was quite glad to know that her sister never told them, which was weird of her because she usually will tell. Shrugging her shoulders as she slipped her uniform on, she tied her blond hair up. She reached for the short, brown bob wig she had and put it on. With this, her parents will never know about her blond hair. She smiled once more as she applied light makeup to her face and walked out of the bathroom. Once she arrived to the kitchen for breakfast, her sister immediately walked out. Doesn't want to talk? Okay. She sat down to eat her food, chatting with her parents about school and things. She finished her food as Hwayoung yelled out to her about leaving. "Aish, I'm coming Hwayoung ah!"

Knowing that her sister didn't want to talk about the showcase, she decided to talk about the phone call from last night. She rambled on about her Woonie Oppa and how sweet he was. People have rumored that he isn't real or she is being used, but he is real. Hwayoung even met him before during a family dinner. Of course her parents loved him, he was smart and easy going. As she continued to talk on and on about her boyfriend, she ignored the other students who were talking about the showcase. She only rolled her eyes and kept talking. Next thing she knew, they were already at school.

"Oh, yeah. See ya." After waving half-heartily to her sister, she went her separate way. She immediately ran to the bathroom, taking the wig off and fixing her hair up. When it was perfect, she put her wig in her bag and walked out of the bathroom. She went looking for her best friend, knowing it wouldn't be that hard to find her. Seeing a familiar B1A4 accessory, she found her. "Hey, Sol-Bi ya! Did you miss me?" She chuckled as she hugged the adorably awkward girl. Even though they were a year apart, they were good friends.

Oh Xiumin - Xiu

"You idiot son! Get out of here!"

Xiumin ignored the yelling that was emitting from behind the bathroom door. He learned to just ignore the drunken yells, knowing that yelling back never solved anything. He was glad that he remembered to take a shower extra early to he could just work on his appearance for school. After meeting Sang-Hee, he actually started looking after his appearance. He continued to straighten his hair, wanting to look his best for school and for her. He just loves when he useful to Sang-Hee, especially when she compliments him or just anything. Finishing with the straightener, he applied just some foundation to make his face seem flawless without the cake on makeup. He dusted off his uniform, just to make sure nothing got on it before he walked out of the small bathroom, continued to ignore the yelling from his mother. His father was no where to be seen, so he happy for that. It meant that he would actually have time to eat something. He got into the kitchen and quickly made some toast before grabbing for his school bag and ran out the door with the toast in his mouth.

Practically running to school, he nibbled his toast before actually eating as he started to looking around for Sang-Hee. He noticed that the other students were starting to stare at him, like he was a new student or something. Though he ignored the stares like he does with the yelling, the students started to whisper. I change my appearance and now everyone starts paying attention to me? He sat down on one of the nearby benches and continued to eat tiny breakfast carefully so crumbs didn't get on his uniform. He still looked for Sang as she was still no where to be found. Usually she's here before me...Where is she? He finished his toast and wiped the crumbs off as he clasped his hands together, waiting quietly for his best friend to show up.

Choi Sol-Bi - Rose

"Sol-Bi...time for school..."

Sol-Bi awoke even if the frail voice calling her was too hard to hear. The socially awkward girl got out of her small bed and quickly ran to her bathroom, taking a rather long shower. She thought about things as she washed her hair. After getting out, she dried herself off and slowly put on her school uniform, leaving the jacket off and laying on the bathroom counter. She did her hair, braiding it and tying it with pink bow. She smiled cutely into the mirror, adding just a little bit of blush on her cheeks. She walked out of the bathroom, holding her jacket as she walked to the kitchen. Her parents already had a plate of pancakes on the table and a glass of milk. She ate her food in silence, knowing her parents were hard at work in the other room. She knew into took her parents some courage to make her breakfast, so she just finished her breakfast. After she was done, she put her dishes in the sink and got her school bag, smiling cutely at the Gongchan keychain she had on there.

She walked out of the small apartment and made her way to school. She daydreamed about many things on her walk, smiling at the thought of the talent showcase coming up. She frowned, remembering Hwayoung telling her join. Not telling, threatening. She shrugged the memory off, just thinking about being in the group, she'll get to spend more time with Heeyoung. She smiled brightly as she started to skip to school. When she got there, she noticed everyone's new looks and started to get a little nervous. She kept her appearance the same except with a trim at her last hair appointment. She was alone until she was hugged by a really familiar friend. "Ah! Sun unnie! Y-you scared me..." She smiled awkwardly as she returned the hug. It good to see a friend.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kim Hyunbin Character Portrait: Yu Seong Character Portrait: Lee Jaewon Character Portrait: Yu Jin Ae

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#, as written by Leon21
Yu Seong - Seong

"Seong, wake up!"

Seong groaned as he heard his sister's voice shake him out of his sleep. The young male was not a morning person, and hated to be waken up any time before noon. Half-tempted to just go back to sleep again once his sister walked off, he pulled himself into a sitting position, knowing that going back to sleep would not be a particularly good idea. After all, he had promised Jaewon and Hyunbin that he would meet the two of them at school today, and, frankly, while the two older males were his friend, Seong was terrified of them. Then again, Seong was generally terrified of just about anyone who was older than him.

The thin male rolled out of bed and rose to his feet, lifting his arms above his head and stretching out his back. His hair, thankfully, wasn't that messy, since Seong had had the foresight to put it in a braid the previous night before falling asleep. That was rather good, since it meant he wouldn't have to spend half an hour fighting with it. This meant he could get ready fairly quickly, which made him feel rather relieved, looking at the time on the clock.

Ten minutes later, Seong was sitting on the floor in a complete split, leaning towards one ankle as he brushed his hair out. Seong was flexible enough that this was as easy as breathing for him, which is why he was currently more focused on the fact that his hair was being annoyingly wavy rather than focusing on the fact that he was sitting in a position most guys cringed to just think about sitting in.

Once his hair was untangled, he rose up from his split and calmly strolled over to the closet, pulling one arm across his chest in order to stretch it as he did so. Seong had a habit of incorporating his dance warm-ups into his morning routine, purely because it saved him time.

Soon, the thin male was dressed in white skinny jeans that appeared to be uncomfortably tight - although, apparently, Seong found them quite comfortable, considering he wore similar pairs almost every day - a white t-shirt, and a loose white poncho with Aztec-esque patterns on the shoulders. This was a typical outfit of his, one that most of his friends saw him wearing at least twice a week.

Grabbing a cereal bar and his backpack, Seong dashed out of the house, knowing that he would be late to school if he stopped to eat a full breakfast. This small breakfast didn't really matter to him anyways; Seong was on a diet since he felt he had to lose some weight so that he could be skinny enough to look good dancing. Seong always felt that something was wrong with him; that he wasn't skinny enough, that he couldn't dance well enough, that he wasn't intelligent enough. No matter what people said to him, he was always just incredibly insecure.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, and stopped walking for a moment in order to try and pull the iPhone out of the pocket of his skinny jeans. Somehow, the thin male always seemed to be able to do the impossible and fit his phone into the pockets of his jeans; he just could never get it out of his pockets quickly.

To: Yu Seong & Kim Hyunbin
From: Lee Jaewon

If you need me, I am in the classroom.

Seong sighed, before typing back a quick message.

To: Lee Jaewon
From: Yu Seong


While Seong was quite a decent writer, and occasionally a bit of a grammar-Nazi, his texting skills were atrocious. Despite having a nice iPhone capable of typing out long messages, Seong always used as few letters as possible and seemed to disregard just about every rule of grammar. Of course, since his messages were generally understandable and got to the point quickly, most people didn't care about Seong's texting skills. It was really just his sister and parents who got annoyed.

The thin male arrived at the school, walking in through the large front doors just as the first bell rang. Beginning to panic slightly, worrying that he was late, Seong sped up his pace, hurrying to his classroom. Despite being a year younger than his two best friends, he was in the same class as them due to his birthday being just before the age cut-off. Of course, he had some different classes, such as gym - which he actually exchanged for a private study hall in one of the back gyms so that he could practice dancing rather than do whatever the other classes were doing - and his electives. But, for first few periods of the day, he shared classes with the older two boys.

He walked into the classroom, and spotted Hyunbin and Jaewon sitting at their usual desks. Appearing to suddenly shrink in size - Seong was always so timid around the other two males - he quietly walked over, sitting down in his desk. "Good morning..." he murmured, pulling out the notebook he would need for the class and a pencil.

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Character Portrait: Ahn Junhi Character Portrait: Oh Xiumin Character Portrait: Yu Jin Ae Character Portrait: Kang Sang-Hee

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Sang-Hee woke up to the sound of her phone alarm playing Girls' Genereation's song, Gee. She also awoke to the sight of a framed picture of her and her best friend, Zuzu. She smiled as she reached under her large fluffy pillow to turn off her music, not wanting to wake up her puppy, Shinee or her hamster, Exo. She sat up in her bed a streched her hands above her head and let out a small yawn. After which she walked quietly pass her new puppy to her closet to grab her uniform off of it's pink iron hanger. She softly took it off and slipped her light blue nightgown off and threw it into her hamper before slipping on her skirt and then her shirt. She slipped on her jacket and grabbed her shoes, not wanting to put them on until see got downstairs.

She slipped out of her rather large room and down their spiral staircase, at her top speed. She ran into the living room and sat on the white leather couch before slipping her size 6 shoes on and getting back up. Looking around, she made sure she didn't forget anything. Then she remember her hot chocolate that she drunk every morning from summer to winter. She rushed to her kitchen, knowing well enough that her parents weren't home. They always left early and their maid hasn't arrived yet. She made her hot chocolate before pouring it in her cute mug and walking out the door to her home. Walking outside, she locked the door and walked out of the gated house. Going down the street, she couldn't wait to see her best friend. They were so close and being in the showcase together, in her opinion only made them even closer.... if that was possible.

Walking into the enterance, she looked around for Zuzu and smiled as she saw him. She ran up behind him and hugged him before letting him going and giggling. She satdown next to him and looked at him. Aw, I like your hair, Zuzu!" She said with a smile. She had her hair in a ponytail and decided to just leave it but fixed it up so that it didn't look like bedhead. She pulled a loose piece of hair out behind her ear and looked at her best friend.


She looked around and could see people talking about them. But, to be completely honest she didn't give a flying flip at the moment. "I'm s-sorry..." She looked at him as he seemed to get nervous, but who wasn't nervous when Jin Ae Yu was at your throat so early in the morning. It's just...t-this has been your dream for years! I-I thought if I told would g-get mad...," She sighed. "Ok, good point.... Better reason not to tell me." She still looking at her best friend, she started to become alittle more calm.

But it seems that you are mad anyway..." She could see people backing away and start to talk. But, hey. Let them. She was popular and people always loved to talk either good or bad about her and Junhi "...can we just forget about it and not fight?" She sighed and let out a smile smile before looking back at her best friend, knowing he meant well. "Alright, fine. No fighting, I know you meant well. I still love you."[/i] She said. Which was true they were close, but now when she said she loved him. She meant only as friends. And, she wasn't going to argue with her bestest friend ever. Then he said something to break the tense moment that made her chuckle. "And I thought you were a V.I.P.? Tsk tsk...guess I'll have to tell G-Dragon that you don't like him anymore..." She rolled her eyes before answering him ,getting completely off subject. Ok, after hearing every Big Bang song over and over again. And seeing them in concert and having every piece of V.I.P stuff I could find. You get tired...... but, he will always be my fantasy husband and number one bias." She said with a raised eyebrow before looking at the time on her phone. "We should get to class, don't you think." She looked at a few student shuffling into the hallways and other not far behind, wondering if they were even get in class on time.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kim Hyunbin Character Portrait: Yu Seong Character Portrait: Bang Hwayoung Character Portrait: Lee Jaewon

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Lee Jaewon

By the time Jaewon had opened his eyes, he slightly fell from his seat when he met a pair of brown eyes. He wiped the side of his mouth, where the drool had decided to drizzle down, and mumbled a weak and still dazed, "Good morning", towards Hyunbin. His head turned to the other side, where Seong sat and bowed his head to greet him too. The three of them were best friends, although he was often asked why Seong was part of it considering that he wasn't really the same age and didn't seem the type to hang around Jaewon and Hyunbin, he shrugged the critiques and only smiled at the two of them. He checked his phone and found that both his best friends sent him a text message that had a one-word response and he let out a sigh.

"Ya, why are you two always sending me really short messages?" He complained as he leaned back on his seat with his arms crossed. "You two should learn to text me a lot longer, because I send you two long messages," He added as he went back to his main screen and saw the picture of a puppy being held by his dream girl, Park Bom, even though she was a noona. Jaewon's lips curved higher that his straight white teeth slightly flashed. "Ah, one day, noona," He muttered to himself as he switched the screen off and tucked it away into his pocket. His attention went back to his best friends, his finger tapped a beat against the notebook atop of his desk as he began to think of a plan on what they wanted to do for the Talent Showcase. He had a few ideas at the back of his head, and he really wanted to tell them about it, but there were students around who had been talking about the event for some time.

"Hmm, she's part of it too, right?" He asked his friends as his eyes fell to the sight of one of the best dancers and the Queen Bee of a group of bullies in the school, Bang Hwayoung, who walked into the classroom with such grace and took the seat right in front of him. He teased Hwayoung a lot, but that was only because the two had known each other for a while, and he knew getting her angry was one of his favorite activities. He leaned forward and tapped and on her shoulder, a smug look on his face as he confidently asked, "Hwayoung-sshi, I heard you're joining, is this true?"

Bang Hwayoung

After talking amongst her friends about her plans for the rest of the week, the group separated and Hwayoung had been left to wander to her next class on her own, though she still wondered where her best friend was. She had already sent her best friend a "where are you?" text, which hadn't been responded to. The seventeen year old sighed as she turned one more corner and reached a door, where she heard the chatter of her classmates climbing up the volume bar, competing of who wanted to be heard the most, but all of them spoke about the event. She brushed her fingers through the loose strands of her brown hair as she took her first step inside and some people stopped to stare at her. They had probably heard about her and the four-girl group she formed in order to compete in the competition. She exchanged looks with all of them before she took her rightful spot, right in front of the brainy-yet-lazy, Lee Jaewon, who had loved to push her buttons from time to time. She didn't like sitting in front of him, because he was either asleep and snored or constantly annoyed her.

Hwayoung didn't even greet him or associated herself with him, and yet he still managed to butt into her bubble. Like at that moment, not long after she had taken out her necessary books and stationery that she felt his rough hand on her shoulder and tapped her two to three time. She winced and turned her body slightly to the side and her head turned the whole way to look at the nuisance.
"Hwayoung-sshi, I heard you're joining, is this true?" Jaewon asked her, which made her smirk and nod her head in response. She cleared her throat and looked towards Hyunbin at one side and Seong at the other, and of course, like every other student in the school, she heard that the three boys were also joining. Her smirk faded as she parted her lips and said, "I suppose, you three are a group too?"

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kim Hyunbin Character Portrait: Yu Seong Character Portrait: Bang Hwayoung Character Portrait: Lee Jaewon Character Portrait: Jung Da-Eun

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#, as written by akashi
Kim Hyunbin- Jay

Hyunbin put up a hand as a greeting towards Seong before turning to look at the sleeping male next to him. He lifted a foot in attempt to kick the chair, but Jaewon woke up before the tip of his shoe can touch it. There goes his fun. Oh well, maybe next time.

"Ya, why are you two always sending me really short messages?"

Hyunbin leaned back against his chair, his feet prompt up on his desk. "Mm... because half the time, I don't know how to reply to you," he answered. "'If you need me, I am in the classroom' ... tell me what I'm supposed to say to that except 'okay' or 'alright'." He twirled a pen in his hand, hoping he proved his point. "Hmm, she's part of it too, right?"

"Who..?" Hyunbin glanced around before his brown eyes landed on Hwayoung. He smirked a little and gave a short nod, "That's what I heard..." And it seemed very much like her to join. He paid no mind as Jaewon went about teasing the girl and only turned his attention back to the two when they were asked a question. "I suppose, you three are a group too?"

"You can say that," he nodded, sliding his feet of the desk and sitting up a little straight.

Jung DaEun- Jung-Ah

"Jung DaEun! Your phone vibrated!" she heard her bother yell as she checked herself in the mirror once more. "Coming in a sec!" she yelled back. Making sure her hair wasn't messy, DaEun headed downstairs and grabbed her phone off the counter along with an apple. Taking a bite, she leaned against the wall and quickly typed back a reply.

'I'm at home, I'll be in school in about five minutes.'

It was a good thing she lived so close to the school, never had to worry about being late... even though she was once in a while.

"Umma, I'm leaving~" She waved goodbye, disregarding her breakfast and jogged down the front steps with a hum. Slipping in just in time for the gate to be closed, she gave an apologetic smile to the teacher before hurrying into the building. Walking into the class, she waved at a group of girls she knew before joining Hwayoung. "Morning," she greeted as she took a seat. DaEun eyed the two boys, Hyunbin and Jaewon before flickering her eyes back to her friend.

"Were these two idiots bothering you?"

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kim Hyunbin Character Portrait: Yu Seong Character Portrait: Bang Hwayoung Character Portrait: Lee Jaewon Character Portrait: Jung Da-Eun

0.00 INK

Bang Hwayoung

The girl only curved her lips in response to Hyunbin's words. She glared once more at Jaewon before she fully turned back around, in time for her best friend, Da Eun to arrive. She noticed that her best friend arrived like the usual, and though she wasn't too pleased with the tardiness and hoped that her friend would change it a bit considering she wanted to meet early in the mornings to practice since the formation of their group. She gave a weak smile towards Da Eun as she asked, "Were these two idiots bothering you?"
"Of course they are. When has Jaewon-sshi and Hyunbin-sshi ever been so nice to me?" Hwayoung replied with sarcasm oozing out of each word. She brushed her loose strand from her face and looked down at her opened notebook, she lifted her pen with a dangling Doraemon at the tip and she wrote the date at the top of the page. She looked around at the class before she realized what she actually wanted to say to Da Eun, so she turned to her best friend, leaned closer and whispered, "I think we need to talk to Heeyoung-ya and Solbi-ya during break to talk about our plans. I don't want to talk more about it because I have a feeling someone is listening."

She used her eyes to signal at the three boys behind them before she straightened herself back up on her seat and adjusted her skirt. She tapped her pen on the notebook and merely eyed the teacher walking through the door. She just hoped that when meeting Solbi, she wouldn't be as socially awkward as when Hwayoung first asked her to join D.E.L.T.A, despite the fact she didn't really like the girl, but she heard her vocal talents through one of her other friends who spied on certain people for her. Hwayoung crossed her legs beneath the desk, leaning back, scribbling notes as the teacher spoke, but throughout the whole time in class, she couldn't help but feel watched - making her feel a bit... Awkward.

Lee Jaewon

"You can say that," Hyunbin casually replied to the strict girl opposite him, which made him chuckle and laugh at the two. Jaewon waved towards Da Eun and greeted her with his usual 'Hello' before he noticed that the two best friends had turned secretive and spoke amongst themselves. He grinned and turned to Hyunbin, nudging his best friend lightly and teased, "Do you and Hwayoung-sshi have something happening behind my back?"

Jaewon always teased Hyunbin whenever it came to girls, even though he knew that he shouldn't do it. He's even teased Hyunbin with Seong's Sister, Jin Ae, whom Seong probably was never too pleased to be hearing about.

"I'm kidding, ya," He chuckled before he turned his attention towards his other best friend, who looked rather hostile. He leaned towards Seong and waved his hand in front of him, trying to get his attention. His brows slightly furrowed before he whispered, "What's wrong with you? Do you like Da Eun-sshi?"
His teasing didn't restrict to just Hyunbin, he also teased Seong about girls too.

"Lee Jaewon, please no more talking, we will start," The Teacher growled from the front of the room while she entered and slammed the piled of books onto her desk. She looked around the room and made eye contact with Jaewon, who gulped and apologized as he straightened himself on the chair. Throughout class, he took notes, but midway, he ripped a piece of paper from his notebook and scribbled, "Seong-ya, can we practice at your house after school?", and waited for the teacher to look away before he reached towards Seong's desk and slipped the note on top of the desk before he quickly retracted his hand back to atop his own desk, just in time for the teacher to turn around.

Jaewon planned to skip his afternoon Study Session for the sake of the competition, and he already made up an excuse to the Study Session President that he was going to be absent because he was supposedly helping his Parents with something Family-related, which he often used to get away from all the piled of studying. He knew his Parents wouldn't think of looking for him in the afternoons because they believed he was in his Study Sessions, which he was, just that time, he really just wanted to prepare for the Showcase.

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#, as written by Kim Sia

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