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Varius Aeolus Nadir

"Keep your sword down and your head up; words to live by."

65 views · last seen in Raven Institute for Specialty Teens
a character in “In The Ravens Nest”, as played by Makenna Young


•°• Varius Aeolus Nadir •°•
Seventeen | Male | FC: Skandar Keynes | Resident Two


•°• Pronunciation •°•
vahr-ee-is ay-ah-lis nah-deer

•°• Powers •°•
Shapeshifting - Varius can change anywhere within human and gender limitations. He can change any feature he bestows, save his purple eyes, his Identity Mark.

Mimickery - Varius can reproduce virtually every sound he hears flawlessly.

•°• Physical Description •°•
In his Born Identity, Varius is a short young man, barely five feet in height. His weight is accordingly low, as well, and he quite lacks muscles. His skin is a pastel-white color (whiter than the pics), resulting in an unnatural appearance, which is only added to by his purple eyes and practically nonexistant lashes. Varius has dark brown - almost black - hair that he lets fall to right above his shoulders.

•°• Personality •°•
Varius is a quiet, secluded young man who rarely speaks. For this reason, he may be considered antisocial or socially inept by some persons. This, however, is highly inaccurate, as the reason for such a silence is merely that Varius is not one to waste words. He believes that every word and phrase one utters should reek of beauty and meaning. Thereby, he thinks before he says anything, resulting in very few misunderstandings and arguments. At the same time though, his utterings have been known to annoy, and he won't deny it. All in all, though, he's extremely goodnatured and calm.

•°• History •°•
Various was born to Nomada and Trevor Nadir on July sixteenth as an only child. His father was a Catholic priest, his mother an aspiring poet. Varius had a pretty good upbringing full of unconditional love, kindness, and contentment, the arts of acceptance he picked up from his parents. His best friend was a girl in the house next door, Elyssa Jameson, who had been diagnosed with cancer when she was three. Elyssa greatly inspired Varius to live his life to the fullest and to be kind to all. He eventually began drifting away from the Catholic church's description of "sin" for a more Christian approach on life- we all deserve to be treated equally.Elyssa died a year prior to Varius being taken to the Raven's Nest.

So begins...

Varius Aeolus Nadir's Story