Anchorage, AlaskaCody Ghost

a character in “In this Final Frontier”, as played by BriBriBearx

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Sorry, I don't have a picture suitable because his appearance is a bit out there.
He's 5'8", around 130 pounds. Average body type; muscled from sports, but not super skinny either. He's well-tanned from years in the sun. He's got white scars throughout his body, mostly all are faded. He's usually wearing shorts or pants with a lot of pockets, and either sweatshirts or tank tops depending on the weather. He's got an oval face, and somewhat of a "baby face". His eyes are dark brown, not a whole lot of color to them but still brown. He has pale, almost colorless blond hair with vibrant red bangs. Very edgy, and very thick. Length is average, ends in different lengths but never longer than the middle of the back of his neck. He usually looks very lively unless you catch him after being in the ocean or snow, which is when he tends to look very washed out.

A bit of a thrill seeker, he's willing to throw himself into just about any situation, and he will. He hates being excluded and usually invites himself to things. He's got a very on-off personality. He's either lively and happy and excited, or he's tired and mopey and just wants to sleep and "shuts down". His soft spot is when people cry or get upset, because he's a very sympathetic person and wants to comfort them. He wears his heart on his sleeve, but needs someone who can keep up with his pace.

Nail biting, and excessive sleeping. If he's not doing something, he's probably taking a nap somewhere.

Snowboarding, ice-skating (as long as it's high-speed!), camping, and water sports in the summer.

Water, hot weather, sleeping, anything caffeinated or sugary or bad for you to eat.

Storms, people who don't like him (it makes him upset, even if that person is just downright mean), bears (they scare him).


Cody was born in Australia when his mother was only seventeen. His mother's young age of pregnancy caused a lot of family dispute, leaving an awkward tension in their family that no one wanted to approach. The Ghosts stopped talking to most of anyone outside of their immediate family. His mother was offered a job in North America after college when Cody was ten, and off they moved to Alaska, seeing as they had nothing to keep them there in Australia. He was a beach-borne child, growing up in the ocean and on the sand, so the snow was a big change but he's now grown accustomed to it.

So begins...

Cody Ghost's Story