Anchorage, AlaskaGale Orion Flint


a character in “In this Final Frontier”, as played by Avia

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Full Name: Gale Orion Flint
Nickname: None currently
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Appearence: He is of average height for a guy his age, with brown eyes that can come off as any shade from pale to dark depending on the lighting. He tends to gravitate towards casual attire, most often seen in a tee shirt and khaki cargo pants no matter the temperature. A very small onyx stud pierces his right ear, and he often wears a smiliar necklace consisting of an onyx celtic knot. A small, roughly tear shaped scar stands out against the skin of his left arm.
Personality: Not very talkative at the best of times, Gale often comes off as antisocial or reserved when first meeting someone. Once someone hangs out with or bugs him enough though, he warms up and can be seen to be quite caring, if rather shy. His father's parting shots and calous words only increase the depth of his insecurities. He doesn't make friends easily as they often need to approach him first, but once he finally considers someone a friend, he'll nevery betray them. He hates fighting, having had more than enough during his parents' divorce, and has a large soft spot for animals. Surprisingly enough, he can have quite a sharp tounge when he's comfortable enough to use it, and has a dry sense of humor. He adores his mother and sister, and tends to stress out over things that don't deserve that much attention. He is most definitely not a morning person, rarely able to function before nine, and becomes even less talkative, bordering on incomprehensible, if woken before then. He has a pretty wide taste in music, often listening to his favorite songs to unwind after a long day.
Quirks: He tends to gnaw on his lower lip when anxious or upset, and often tilts his head to the side when listening closely to something or curious.
Skills: Gale is rather good with his hands and at creating things, and has taken up snowshoeing.
Likes: Night, snow, cold weather, books, peace and quiet, animals, music.
Dislikes: Loud noises, mornings, large amounts of cinnamon, bonfires/large fires.
Crush: Sonny
History: Born in a small town in Oregon in March, Gale lived there for most of his childhood with his parents and little sister. When his parents divorced after a series of rather nasty fights that generally stemmed from Gale's father's belief that he had a 'disease', his mother won custody of both Gale and his little sister and relocated to Anchorage. His mother now works as an elementary school teacher.

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