Anchorage, AlaskaJaylene Griffith

Do whatever you want, I don't really care.

a character in “In this Final Frontier”, as played by RiotTerritory

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Full Name: Jaylene Griffith

Nickname: Jay

Age: 17

Sexual Orientation: Straight


She has green eyes, tan skin and stands at only about 5'1.

Personality: Jay is extremely artistic and creative. She finds that she has trouble sitting still a lot of the times. She loves to party and occasionally finds herself having a beer or two. She is laid back and it takes quite a lot to make her angry. If she doesn't like you, she'll just sit back and watch you blow up at her. She's just living and loving her life. In Alaska as well as back in Hawaii, she always had a ton of friends, but that never phased her at all. She is naive and that angers a lot of people.

Quirks: Jittery, plays with her hair, is always doing something with her hands.

Skills: Playing the ukulele, surfing, snowboarding (not very good, but finds it a bit like surfing), painting

Likes: Warm weather, good food, art, the water

Dislikes: Uptight people, having to cover her body up


Brief History: She was born in Hawaii into a family of an older sister and brother and has always been an island girl. When she was 13, her dad's business moved to Alaska. By that time, her brother and sister were already out living on their own, so it was only her and her parents out in the cold. Her family frequently goes back to Hawaii to visit family and friends, but Jay wishes that they hadn't moved in the first place. She is still angry at her mother and father for making her move.

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