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6 seniors gather at a Ski Lodge in Anchorage, Alaska for some fun, and maybe some drama. (ALL SPOTS FULL.)

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Jay looked up at the ski resort with a smirk. Though she'd rather have been sitting on the beach in Koolaupoko ((the city my family actually lived in for two years)), she decided that this would have to do. She sighed, watching the white puff of smoke come out of her mouth and drift upward. Looking back at the lodge, Jay laughed. Warm weather was far superior to her than any of this cold stuff. She was just looking to lay back and have a good time this winter break. She only hoped that these people would feel that way too. She bustled through the door in a hurry, breathing a sigh of relief as the warm air hit her face. She went to looked around and quickly found the hallway of bedrooms. She picked the last door on the right and set her duffel bag, makeup bag, ukulele case and pillow down beside the bed and went back to looking around. "Hellooo? Anyone home?" she called out, wondering if anyone had gotten there yet. Maybe she'd even end up meeting a cute guy this break.