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6 seniors gather at a Ski Lodge in Anchorage, Alaska for some fun, and maybe some drama. (ALL SPOTS FULL.)

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Jay heard a voice coming from the door across the hallway from hers. She padded to the door and pushed it open. Inside she saw two beds and a guy on each of them. "Aloha!" she called happily to both. Since she was so laid back and was mostly a party girl, she did not have a group of friends and instead hung out with whoever she was standing next to. She looked at the blonde guy and smiled. "Gale," she said happily and then turned to the black haired kid, "Sonny!" She gave them both friendly hugs and stood back. She knew that she was in at least one of each of their classes, but didn't really remember which ones. She stood back at the door frame, leaning against it. "Man, am I glad to be out of school right now," she said with a chuckle.