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6 seniors gather at a Ski Lodge in Anchorage, Alaska for some fun, and maybe some drama. (ALL SPOTS FULL.)

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Gale reflexively returned the smile Sonny shot him "She doesn't notice me," he mused, ever soft tone faintly amused. Very few of his teachers ever seemed to notice him; his grades were average, and he did his best to avoid trouble of any kind. Add that to his quiet nature, and not many made an effort to know him, distracted by other students as they were.
When Jay entered the room he ducked his head in what seemed to be becoming his customary greeting with how often he was using it. Gaze lowered, he wasn't expecting and nearly fell over in surprise as the girl's arms wrapped him in a hug; tentatively returning it after a few moments. He was somewhat relieved that she was one of the girls coming; he could recall thinking that she seemed like a good person the few times he had come into contact with her.
A nod of agreement was his only response, and he occupied himself by settling back against the backboard of the bed, a few pillows behind him as he faced the other two students, happy to let them talk as it eased off the expectations on him; it was, he admitted to himself, hard to hold a conversation with someone as quiet as him. Sonny had a good point; he knew he would have stressed out over this whole retreat a lot less had he known who it would be with. Granted he always stressed, but the concept was the same.
At his side, his phone buzzed again, and he gave it a dubious look, not even motioning to pick it up this time.