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6 seniors gather at a Ski Lodge in Anchorage, Alaska for some fun, and maybe some drama. (ALL SPOTS FULL.)

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Sonny came out into the hallway, and looked at the girl named Turtle. He's seen her around, but had absolutely no idea about her. "Hey," he said, leaning against his doorway awkwardly, and shoving a hand in the pocket of his jeans. Hopefully she was gonna be as nice as Jay is. He then glanced back in the room at Gale, quickly glancing away again. Why the hell are you gawking at him, exactly...he asked himself. He always had to have arguments about everything in his head, no matter how small the situation was. But he always told himself that it was because he had no other people to talk to, except the little voice in the back of his mind. That doesn't sound crazy at all.