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Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

Character Portrait: Samara Larking The glass is half full, right?
Character Portrait: Scarlet Thorn "My words are cold, I don't want them to hurt you."
Character Portrait: Lenore Bellview "The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside" Lenore by Edgar Allan Poe
Character Portrait: Dimitri Crosszeria "Vampires, Sparks, Humans... I see the similarities,"
Character Portrait: Daren Hunter Wouldn't it be great, just to fly? To be so close to the stars.....
Character Portrait: Keiran Rilke "It's all fun and games."
Character Portrait: Mercedes 'Sadie' Cordova "Come on I know I'm right, you can't be right at all."
Character Portrait: Saito Salt Heh! Time flies fast when your having fun, ne.
Character Portrait: Kyle blade i am here to serve