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"Vampires, Sparks, Humans... I see the similarities,"

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by jadedragon66

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Dimitri Crosszeria


Height- 5 foot 9 inches

Weight- 134 pounds

Hair color- Jet black

Eye color- A mix of silver and light blue

Any birthmarks/scars- He has a scar from his hip bone, up to his shoulders, which is covered by a tattoo all the way up to his neck.

Build/Frame- Lean, with just enough muscles. Not buff..

Appearance- Dimitri has jet black hair that falls midway down his neck. His eyes are a strange mix of silver and blue, which often catches people's attention. His quite pale when it comes to skin tone, though that's probably because he really doesnt like being out too much. He enjoys the shade since he has little tolerance for hot weathers. He has a large scar that runs down from his shoulder blades to where his hip bone is. It's covered my a tattoo that makes its way all the way up to his neck. Sometimes he keeps on this neutral look that is hard to read. Dimitri has a few muscles that's clearly visible, but he isnt buff. He has a few piercings but only on his ears.

Love interest- N/A

Personality- It's really hard to guess Dimitri's personality from first glance. You really have to get to know him in order to understand and know what kind of person he really is. If you watch him talking to someone from afar, he seems like a very calm and gentle person but when you actually try starting a conversation, he may seem a little distant and cold. He does have a mysterious side of him but when he gets comfortable with you, he actually seems like a fun person. Dimitri is quite stubborn when he wants to and he will put up an argument when he feels that what you're doing is wrong.
He knows how to understand others but when he starts to hate someone, he tends to tell them flat out. He will never judge anyone by their reputation or looks. Instead, he really tries his best to get to know that person first before making any judgement. Dimitri has the patience and is good at keep his cool, but there are times when he will snap at you.

So begins...

Dimitri Crosszeria's Story