Spark's SchoolGabrielle Hart

My temper isn't the problem you and your thin skin that is the problem.

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Gabrielle Hart


Height- 5'8


Hair color- Red

Eye color- Blue

Any birthmarks/scars- (other then the lightning bold on the Sparks' cheeks) She has a birthmark that looks almost like a heart on her neck

Build/Frame- Thin modelish type. So tall lanky and a little far on the skinny side but healthy

Collar Color- (Sparks only) Red

Appearance- Gabby comes across as a tomboy not one for dressing up. She tends to stick to jeans and band t-shirts or tank tops.

Love interest-n/a

Personality- Gabby is strong willed with a bad temper. She is one of those girls that with a smile on her face she can rip you apart and make you say sorry for something she did in the first place. She hides behind her anger like it is armor. She is brash and quick to jump into a fight based on one side of the story. She is snark and witty but tends to keep people at arms length. She is scared of losing people she cares about and tends to push people away the closer she gets to them or the more she likes them.

So begins...

Gabrielle Hart's Story