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"It's all fun and games."

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by Thadine

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Keiran Rilke


Height- 5'8

Weight- Around 130-140lbs.

Hair color- Black, cut in short layers with random pieces falling in front of his eyes. Has a tint of in the light.

Eye color- A very pale blue, like a pool of water with a drop of color to them. It reflects most of his emotion.

Build/Frame- Lacks upper body strength, looks very lanky wearing certain clothing, but is quite lean.

Appearance- Keiran has black hair, cut in short layers, with pieces and strand that often fall in front of his face. Sometimes, but rarely, he will wear a toque over his head, or some sort of hat to shadow his face, though often just keeps his mess of hair covered by nothing. It looks like it is poorly cut, or hardly cut at all, and reaches down to about the middle of his neck in the back. He has very pale blue eyes, like a pool of clear water with barely a drop of color added to them. They often reflect most of his emotion, as well does his facial features. He has high cheekbones, and a sharp narrow chin that give him an almost skeletal look to him when seen in dim lighting. Keiran has pale skin. He lacks in upper body strength, mostly of his strength in his legs and core. He is just above average for height, taller than some, yet shorter than others his age still, and because of this he may appear lanky and thin to some. His clothing varies, yet he often sticks with dark colors of long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans. He often wears a silver necklace of a cross around his neck, and has a single piercing on his right ear of a silver cross as well, almost as if mocking the belief that holy symbols weaken vampires.

Love interest- (Will edit, I suppose)

Personality- Some people may call him an idiot. Others may think he's just mean, or funny. He jokes around way too much, and due to this, people often rarely take him seriously. When he's not teasing others by calling them names, he's mocking them about their appearance or how they act, or just finding anything to prey on and make fun of. He is not like this all of the time, and sometimes, is actually a bit quiet, but this is usually when he's having a bad day, or he's feeling more relaxed than usual. He's very sarcastic, and gets irritated easily, finding lots of people way too jumpy and annoying. Keiran often judges people way too often before actually getting to know them, and jumps to conclusions very quickly. He has a short temper, and will not be afraid to smack someone if they are annoying them.

It's very hard for him to show his soft side, which is considered to be his more relaxed, calm self. Around people, he acts like he usually would, and only by himself will he feel content. Or, if he's very comfortable around certain people will he be that way. He is very passionate in things he likes, such as...injuring others emotionally, but that also means that he can show strong affection towards things and people as well. He isn't completely heartless, and only has to warm up to others.

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