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a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by kylewolfblade

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Kyle Wolf Blade




Hair color-black

Eye color-dark puple

Any birthmarks/scars- Kyle has many small scars on his back, from not doing what he was told when he was little.
Build/Frame-skinny. with just a little muscle on him. you cant see it. but when Kyle needs it, its there

Collar Color- black

Appearence- Kyle has straight black hair, that goes down to his chin.Kyle usally has part of his hair covering his left eye. His eyes a a dark purple. When someone looks into his eyes they show that he is very sad and that the world is going by without him. Kyle likes to wear black bottom up shirts with either black or white pants. If its not wearing a bottom up shirt he would be wear his black sweater that has no sleaves on them. Kyle trys to show no emotion to what ever he does. Klye would grin time to time to show that he was just made happy, BUt most of the time will try to hide it. Kyle looks down at the ground most of the time giving thought of the world and how he is living it. Most of the time Kyle would take some time to repsond to someone that is calling his name due to thinking or going off in a day dream.

Love interest- unsure

Personality- Kyle is a guy who is misjudge by people. He seems like a emo kid that doesnt care about people, BUt the fast is. Kyle is a sweat caring guy who doesnt know how to show how he feels. Due to times when he was little, he has hiden his true feelings deep inside him.Kyle has ADHD, but its not that he is hyper a lot. its that he cant fouces on somthing for a long period of time. Kyle is smart just as a averge kid. Just that he has a photogragic mermory that helps him. Kyle tends to be quiet with new people he meets, BUt soon or later when that person warms up to Kyle, he will be able to hold a converstion with them. Kyle is also a loyal person. He knows when someone is superior to him and he will abay what they will say. Kyle can be a little timided at times. He can be brave
one time calls him to.

So begins...

Kyle blade's Story