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"The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside" Lenore by Edgar Allan Poe

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by bananaramma

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Lenore Angelique Bellview


Height- 5'6

Weight- 125

Hair color- Black

Eye color- Purple

Any birthmarks/scars- None

Build/Frame- Short, but thin

Collar Color- NA

Appearance- Lenore is graceful in appearance and speech she always carries herself in a posh manner, that is expected of a young woman taught in etiquette. She always wears a skirt, and blouses that make her look refined and beautiful all at the same time. She will not wear pants cause she thinks it takes away from her femininity. Her hair is long but no matter how hard she tries to tame it; it tends to be poofy and it drives her nuts. She feels it draws away from her refined appearance, but she would never cut it.

Love interest- TBA

Personality- Lenore can at first seem to be a bit uppity and snobbish, she despises disorganization and has a bit of an OCD streak. But as one gets to know her Lenore has a sweet and gentle side, that she shows to people closest to her. She is always concerned with her appearance to others, she feels that if she isn't dignified, that she is weak minded. Lenore often time downs herself for not being good enough. Many wouldn't even know of this if they weren't close to her, because outwardly she seems, so refined, deep down she just want other peoples acceptance. She just needs a little push to know that it's okay to be herself. When someone catches her affection she put her whole heart into it and loves them with every fiber of her being and would die for them if it would mean their safety.

So begins...

Lenore Bellview's Story