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Heh! Time flies fast when your having fun, ne.

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by Luna Star

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Saito Salt




Hair color-
Black Hair.

Eye color-
Bright Blue eyes.

Any birthmarks/scars-
He has a scar that looks like this on his hip. ... onitor.jpg [its not red]

He is rather lanky, but don't underestimate him.

He has messy black hair that usually gleams in the light. His eyes are a bright blue and they are always filled with fun. Saito usually wears blue clothing, and for some reason pins up some part of his bangs. Odd Correct? Anyways a confident grin is always plastered on his face, and never really melts away. But at times, Saito seems to be in deep thought, or he is day dreaming away.

Love interest-

Saito is the everyday sporty boy, but just by apperance. Well actually he is very like a sporty boy in some shoujo manga, but with a bit more depth. He loves to joke around even in the most serious of times, and usually follows his gut 50%? Saito always rather intelligent and knows his limits. Joking around, never serious, and follows his gut 50% of the time, sounds like the regular shoujo sporty boy. But if you are with him most of the time, you can see a side you may never see. Saito will become calm and not the goofy one people usually see. Its not sure that his goofy side is a mask, but he seem to be natural in both the goody and calm.

So begins...

Saito Salt's Story