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The glass is half full, right?

a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by BelleOceane

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Samara Kristiana Larking


Height- 5'6"

Weight- 100 lbs

Hair color- chestnut brown

Eye color- hazel with touches of ember and jade

Any birthmarks/scars- a long scratch on her back from a slight accident she doesn't like to talk about.

Build/Frame- She's slim and delicate. She has long legs and arms. other than that, she is very petite.

Collar Color- Yellow (Cheerful :D)

Appearence-She has really pretty hair and a nice face. Sometimes she wears a lot of makeup, but not most of the time. She likes to wear dresses and glittery tops. She really does care about how she looks and will do anything that she can to look nice before going out. She has tanned skin and interesting eyes. She has long fingers and her nails are almost always painted.

Love interest- Undecide. she mostly wants someone who's nice and treats her like she's human and not an animal or a piece of equiptment.

Personality- She hates being a Spark and she hate having to be bought. She is obidient, though, ans tries to have a positive attitude about everything. She was raised that way, so she wants to be as happy as she possibly can about it. Her perception on life is that when life gives her lemons, there must be some way they can help everyone else. That's one thing she prides herself in: her willingness to help and be with everyone else. Generally, she is very kind and a glass half-full type person, but when she does get angry, she gets really angry and will try to do something about it. She loves music, too, and is a great singer and piano player. She loves to create things, especially music. She could read all day long, too. Books are something that she adores and has never been unhappy with out one near her. She likes to dance, to, and will dance even when there's no music. She will often just start dancing with whoever is around at the time. Her biggest flaw is that she craves approval. She cannot be apporving of herself, and therefore looks for it in others. When she doesn't get it, she really puts herself down. She's also quite clumbsy, which explains the scratches on her back as well as a lot of other marks on her. She once was dancing when she fell down the stairs and nearly killed herself. She was fine though, and has been much more careful around stairs and other sharp slopes. But still, generally upbeat and happy.

So begins...

Samara Larking's Story