Scarlet Thorn

"My words are cold, I don't want them to hurt you."

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a character in “Inferior Hearts”, as played by Horseygirl


Scarlet Thorn


Height- She's rather short at 5 feet

Weight- 98lbs

Hair color- Blonde hair, that has a slight red tint to it.

Eye color- One clear crimson, one gentle lavender.

Any birthmarks/scars- Long scar along her palm from when she rebelled against the headmisstress

Build/Frame- She has a very lithe build

Collar Color- Red

Appearence- Scarlet has long, red tinted hair that's overall blonde that cascades down her back and to her waist. Her eyes are rather infactuating: one clear, bright crimson, the other gentle lavender. Both are rimmed with long dark lashes. Her skin is light ivory, with a dash of petal pink at her cheeks and soft scarlet at her full lips. She has a small, light frame that makes her seem somewhat fragile. Scarlet often stands with what little weight she hs on her toes, and her head held high with a bright look in her eyes that make her seem like a bird about to take off into a graceful flight. But the bright, determined look in her eyes are dangerous. If a spark rebels, she gets a long deep cut either down her back or along her palm/

Love interest- TBA

Personality- Scarlet is a very fiery, untrusting girl. She knows she has trust issues, but has moments when she lets certian people in, and becomes very protective of them. She is quiet the enigma; you never know if she will be kind and bubbly, or rebellious and fiery. Overall she has a good heart, but she covers it up with cold words and sometimes -but not that often- a seductive look. She just hopes someone can see through the mask she's grown to protect her heart from the pain of love. Scar has good reasons for being cynical, but she would never just openly share these reasons with someone. But when you really get to know her, and not just the brave face she puts up, she can be the kindest, most tender girl. But the few people that have gotten under her skin have broken her heart. Sometimes with her 'I don't care' means 'I couldn't care more'. If you can dodge cold verbal barbs and still be genuine to Scarlet then you could have al loyal, loving friend. But lash out at her, and you could have your worst enemy. She's not known to physically lash back out at each other, but she can have a very sharp tounge. Part of her is very mother-like and will care for any hurt person that comes her way, she'll take them in and heal them. But if you dare hurt someone she loves, you'll never have a chance to see Scarlet's gentle side. It seems like she fears falling in love, and avoids men. She doesn't seem like she wants to hurt anyone, and sometimes will do small, sweet things to make up for what she has done

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