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Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

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He did this every year that he could.

He knew the routine. Walk in, choose a Spark, take it home like a brand new pet. Except, instead of like some little kitten that humans got for their enjoyment, you didn't have to necessarily.... love it, or give it a good home. You didn't have to respect it. Humans didn't even respect the Sparks, they were that low. Like sewer rats. Except they smelled good. He never found the perfect Spark. All of them were too hyper or cheerful, others were just plain boring, gave up too easily. He wanted a red-collar. They liked to fight back. Almost every year though, they pulled back some more of the red-collars, hid them away because they never though that a vampire would want one. He did. Red-collars were difficult, they argued a lot. It was like you had to tame them, and that A game.

Keiran's eyes scanned the people around him. Females on one side, males on another, lined up. A few groups of people seemed to be slightly excited. They were finally going to be taken to a home, oh joy! Little did they know that most of the vampires would hardly care about them. Then again, there were nicer ones out there, but it was rare to come across. Keiran was nice if he wanted to be. He wasn't cruel, but often was a bit closed-up and cold towards anyone that came near.

A few other vampires brushed past him, walking towards some of the few girls huddled in a group, their pink and yellow collars bright amidst the light clothing they wore, as if to make their colours stand out. A bright and happy one...well, they were just annoying. He couldn't even stand the sound of them now. So, he carefully avoided them, and instead searched for the colour red anywhere in sight. The first one was easy to spot.

Standing there, away from the others. She was wearing a deep crimson dress, with long hair down to her waist. Her red collar was easily spotted with his keen, pale blue eyes. He already knew that he could decide if she was the right one, just by having a small word with her. Maybe he would find his true fighter today, someone to keep him entertained. Without a word, he slipped into a group of vampires heading towards a cluster of chatty Sparks, and then stepped out of the group quietly, stepping up behind the red collar he had spotted. Silently, he reached towards her, grabbing the back of her collar, and tugging on it lightly, enough to get her to notice.

"I don't see a nametag on here." He teasingly said, a small smile appearing on his lips.