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Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

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Kyle looked up to the female vampire who had spoken.
I'm Mercedes, what's your name?
He was unsure if she was talking to hiim or someone next to him. He looked around to see no one else sitting by him. Kyle pointed a finger at himself. Are y-you talking to me? Kyle asked in a softly cold tone. Kyle fely happy that one of the females vamire was talking to him. Kyle looked at her with his deep purle eyes with no sign of emotion in him. My name is Kyle Blade. Kyle stood up and looked down at the vimpire. Kyle then felt alittle weird. He started to think. I thought vimpires would choose someone short so they can look me in charge. Kyle's eyes then went wide and then went back to cold eyes. Kyle started to think. Maybe she is just going to make fun of him. Kyle took one step back and bowed alittle to show respect to Mercedes, has he was taught to do. He then spoke. How can i serve you miss.Mercedes?